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From: Sridhar Basavaraju (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 12:11:48 PDT

> Hello Group
>   I am new to the group.  This is in fact my first substantial
posting on
> this site and thus, i apologize if this is beyond the scope of the
> discussion or if you have already covered this topic.
>   I had a few questions regarding temple worship in tirupathi that
i was
> hoping the group could answer.  First, in pertaining to Sri
Ramanuja, i
> heard that it was Ramanujacharya that began temple worship in
> Could someone please describe how that worship began.  Who, why and
> did he choose the people who would be priests?  Who were the
priests and
> how were they classified with regards to their roles in the temple,
> temple cooks, archakas, educators, etc.  How were these priests
> what were the guidelines that were followed?  Finally, how has that
> worship continued to the modern day?  Have sri ramanuja's
> been continued to the modern day?  Has the system and continuity of
> worship been broken in tirupathi since ramanuja's time?  Have the
> descendants of the same families appointed by sri ramanuja
continued to be
> the main archakas today? How are the priests currently educated?
Do they
> have their gurus or are they educated by their fathers, etc?
> Sridhar Basavaraju

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