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Sri Parthasarathi Thunai
Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

 Let us now continue with the various celebrations
during the Brahmotsavam of sri parthasarathi
On the seventh day of the utsavam,  Sri Parthasarathi
is seen on the big Ratam.  On this day ,after the
ratam comes through the mada veedhis, parthasarathi
remains in the ratam itself for the rest of the day
and gives darshan to the bhakthas.  So he doesnít have
the usual utsava Thirumanjanam he has on the other
days.  In the evening he gets down from the ratam and
he gets dressed and then has a small walk around the
ThEr mandapam itself.  Then he goes to the vasantha
Utsava Banglow to have his thirumanjanam over there. 
The vasanta utsava banglow was earlier a place where a
mandapam surrounded throughout by a beautiful garden
with a pond.  Today none of its beauties remain but
still the mandapam exists.  So emperuman goes there
and has thirumanjanam there. Usually it becomes very
late by the time the thirumanjanam starts.  This is 

The next day Sri Parthasarathi gives darshan to all
his bhakthas as a small innocent kid with a vennai
thazhi in his hand.  This is to remove the fear of
people, who after seeing him on the ratam,  think him
to be great lord and that he cannot be approached my
samsaris like us.  He now  shows his sowlabhyam. 
Though he is the paradaivam, he gets controlled by the
love of his bhakthas.  He makes him so low that his
bhakthas can even tie him with a rope like yeshodha.

Yeshodha was a illiterate female she neither knew
sastram or sampradhayam still sri Krishna wanted to be
under her control because of the deep love she had for
him.  So  Sri parthasarathi not only possesses paratva
but he is also filled with kalyana gunas like
sowlabhyam(though a big person easily available to his
bhakthas),  sauseelyam(he is simple and easy going), 
Apaara kaarunyam,
Dhayai , bhaktha vatsalam etc.  On this day he goes to
visit not only the mada veedhis but also goes to some
other small streets which were earlier filled with cow
boys and their families.  He being a cow boy himself
goes and visits the people in his lineage.

On the eighth day evening as I have already explained
emperuman gives darshan on the horse and aesal takes
place in car street.  As we have already seen about
Thirumangai alwar coming to steal perumal and losing
his heart to sri parthasarathi  I am elaborating them
again.  After this emperuman returns to the temple
very  late.   This gets him  to trouble.  We will see
what sort of trouble and how he solves it now.

Emperuman on the nineth day morning finds that he has
lost his ring somewhere during yesterdayís
celebration.  So afraid to see the nachiyars without
the ring he covers himself with different color of
cloth(porvai) and sets to hunt for the ring in his
palanquine.  When he reaches the spot where yesterday
the dialogue between him and thirumangai alwar
happened he goes in circles like searching the place.
Each time one of his porvai is removed and kalpura
harati is done.  This is called PORVAI KALAYAL.  Then
without any result  Sri Parthasarathi returns back

When he tries to enter the entrance of the temple the
nachiyars at the other end, angry with him for coming
late yesterday  and also losing the ring close the
door of the temple not letting him inside.  This is
done three times.  Sri parthasarathi with long steps
will try to enter the temple but when he approaches
the entrance, the door will be banged on him and so he
will return with a sorrow face.  We can see the face
of parthasarathi giving the sorrow expression and we
will feel sorry for him.

After this there will be a long dialogue between
perumal and the ubayanachiyars. The archakas recite
the dialogue on behalf of the perumal and thayars. The
nachiyars blame him to have stayed with some other
women the previous night. They show him the changes in
his body and say they cannot accept him. Parthasarathi
tries to argue that he has gone only for hunting and
since it became late there he missed them a lot and
hence he embraced the bushes and other plants in the
forest which has made scratches in his body. But still
the nachiyars donít believe him.  Then emperuman tries
to make promises on the sun, moon etc.  But the
nachiyars disagree as they say all sun ,moon etc are
all under his control, so they cannot believe them
too.  Then emperuman says he was born as Rama and so
never lies. For that the nachiyars reply that he was
also born as Krishna who know nothing but lie. The
dialogue is really superb.  It has to be heard with
parthasarathi and nachiyar facing each other.  We will
really feel that they are talking to each other. 
Finally parthasarathi unable to justify himself gets
help from Nammazhvar.  Then Nammazhvar comes and talks
to the nachiyars in favour of Sri parthasarathi.

Finally, the nachiyars say that though they donít
believe him ,for the sake of our maran sadagopan we
forgive you.  So now the perumal and thayar play with
a flower ball to show their unity.  One archaka on
each side stand and play with the flower ball on
behalf of the perumal and thayars.  Then the
ubayanachiyars go to the side of Sri Parthasarathi and
they go into the temple together.  This is called as
MATTAYADI UTSAVAM.  The dialogue between perumal and
thayar is simply excellent ,worth listening.

After going to the temple Sri Parthasarathi then goes
to the neerata mandapam for theerthavari.  The neerata
mandapam where andal neerata utsavam occurs is located
near the kairavini pushkarini.  Sri parthasarathi
stays in the neerata mandapam and theertavari is done
to the chakrathazhvar.  Earlier the theerthavari was
usually done by dipping the chakrathazhvar in the holy
kainravini pushkarini.  Since now there is no good
water there  the theertavari is done by dipping the
chakrathazhvar in a big vessel containing water on the
pushkarini steps and the water is splashed on all the
bhakthas.  Then after thirumanjanam in the neerata
mandapam Sri Parthasarathi returns back to the temple.
 It is peak summer and it will be noon when perumal
returns back.  The sripadam thangigal  walk carrying
the perumal with bear legs in the hot sun.  Hats off
to their kainkaryam.  

The next day is Saptha varanam and Dvadhasa Aradhanam 
about which I have already given a detailed
explanation. With this ends the Parthasarathi
Brahmotsavam.  Following this ten days is vida-yarthi
utsavam which was also already explained.

In the next posting I will write about Acharya
Ramanuja Utsavam in Thiruvallikeni which is at present
going on.  This year the satrumarai of Sri Ramanuja
utsavam falls on April 18th.  Though we miss the
utsavam in reality let us atleast  think of the
utsavams and the greatness of our acharya.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasyai
Sumithra Varadarajan.

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