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From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 15:40:00 PDT

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From: sumithra varadarajan <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 07:31:08 -0700 (PDT)

Sri Parthasarathi thuNai
SrimathE Ramanujaya namaha

   As per the request of one of the members of this
group to write on the various utsavams in
Thiruvallikeni adiyen hereby continues to post what
little I can.

  The utsavams in Thiruvallikeni are like a ocean, I
know it is beyond adiyals' capacity to swim through it
and give you all the essence of it,let alone going
deep into it to get the coral and deliver it to You.
But still, hoping that Parthasarathi will be the boatman
and His karunai, the boat will take us through the
ocean and put us safely in the shore of enjoyment,I
continue to post what little i can.

  First let me tell you one more feature in
Thiruvallikeni which i missed in my last
postings.Thanks to sri Venkatakrishnan who reminded me
about this in his mail.Nammazhvar in one of his
pasuram says "pulingudi kidandhu,varaguna mangai
irundhu,vaikundathil nidru thelindha yen sindhai
agagkazhiyadhe".Here he quotes 3 divyadesams
Thirupullingudi,Varagunamangai and Srivaikundam(All
Nava thirupathi divyadesams) to show that emperuman
stays in 3 different postures in these
divyadesams.There are many more pasurams where the
alwars show that in different divyadesams emperumans
are present in either erundha,nindra or kidandha
thirukolams.But in Thiruvallikeni Emperuman is seen in
all 3 postures.

   Sri Venkatakrishnan and sri chakravarthy Thirumagan
are seen in the standing pose.Sri Ranganathan is lying
down and sri Varadharajan and sri yoga Narasimhan are
seen sitting on Garudan and yoga peedam respectively.
So if you want to see emperuman in all the poses you need
not go to 3 divyadesams ,in the same place in
Thiruvallikeni you can have the darshan. Parthasarathi
knows our laziness so He has collected all the aspects
of various divyadesams and given in this single place,
like peeling the skin of a banana and giving to taste
it.Can anyone still miss it?

  Let us now proceed to see about the utsavams in
Thiruvallikeni.First and foremost is the Chittirai
Brahmotsavam of Sri Parthasarathi.Let us start with
this song which describes the same.

    Chitirai madhathil brahmotsavam
    adhai kaaNum bhaktharku peraanandham
    aasaiyodu angu varuvorkellam
    inbam nallum perigiyodum
                            (chitirai madh.....)
    Punnaivahanam seshavahanam
    simhavahanam Parthasarathiku
    Garudavahanam hamsavahanam
    kaaNavendume anbu kangalaale
                             (chitirai madh.....)
    kaalaiyil sooriyan vahanamam
    iravil chandiran vahanamam
    mohiniavataram eduttha kaNNanuku
    naacchiyar thirukolam arpudamthaan
                              (chitirai madha....)
    Kannan neeye Raamanum neeye 
    enbadhai katta hanumandavahanam
    parpavarkellam paavangal pOga
    punyakOti vimaanathil varuvan
                               (chitirai madha....)
    gajendiran tunbatthi kalaindavanthan
    yanaimele yErivaruvaan
    Parthanin-sarathi thErmEl yeRi
    azhagai radhathai ootugiraan
                              (chitirai madha....)    
    veNNai kadum pillai evane
    vennaithazhi kannan anan
    kudiraimElE yerivandu
    kallarin manadhai kollaikolvan
                               (chitirai madha....)

     The above song portrays the various vahanams in
which the Emperuman gives darshan during the
brahmotsavams.There are other happenings during the
utsavam too which we will see in detail with the
meaning of this song side by side for the benefit of
those who do not understand Tamil. 

    The day before the kodiEttram that is the first
day evening there is selvar purappadu.Selver is none
other than the Senai Mudaliyar or the Vishvaksenar , who
takes care of the army of Emperuman.He goes through
the four maada veedhees to check the condition of the
places whether they are suitable for the emperuman,
the raja of Thiruvallikeni to have his purappadu during
the brahmotsavam.Before any perumal purapadu . selvar checks 
if everything is alright.Since he goes 
before perumal. He is called the selvar or one who
goes. So the day before the brahmotsavam after checking
the 4 veedhees the selvar becomes very happy that
everything is alright and that the leelas of
Parthasarathi are going to start from tommorrow so he
dances to the music in joy in an occasion called the
selvar koothu.It is really a wonderful sight to see
the selvar dance in joy.
   The next day morning is the kodi yEtram , the grand
gala opening of the brahmotsavam.Let us continue with
that in the next posting.May we all eagerly wait for
the brahmotsavam.This year the kodiyEtram for
Parthasarathi's brahmotsavam is on April 26th.Before
that we will enjoy by talking about the happenings
through these posts.

  Now that all the preparations for the utsavam is ready,
let us pray to Lord Parthasarathi Himself to make
us enjoy His utsavam without any hinderance.

 (To be continued in the next post)

adiyen ramanuja dasyai
Sumithra Varadarajan.

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