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Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 15:40:28 PDT

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Sri parthasarathi thunai
Srimathe ramanujaya namaha

               Let us now continue  enjoying the
brahmotsavam of sri parthasarathi.
     The first day is the kodiYetram. It is really
excellent to see parthasarathi in divya 
alankaram  early in the morning.He comes to the
mandapam opposite to the dvajastambam and the 
festival starts.Homam is started  in the yaga salai
and kodiyetram done under the 
supervision of  parthasarathi by the archakas.
     The kodi of emperuman is called GARUDA KODI. Let
us see how garudan the vahanam of 
emperuman also got the place in his flag.  Vinatha was
the mother of garudan (that is why he 
is called vainatheyan) and kadru his step mother. 
Vinatha was elder than kadru.Kadruís 
creation or her sons were the nagas. Once after the
amrutha madana leela of emperuman there 
was a debate between Vinatha and kadru about the tail
color of the horse(Ochaishravasu) 
which came out  from the parkadal.Vinatha said that
the color of the tail of white horse 
was also white only but kadru argued that it was black
in color. The debate became a 
challenge.Both of them agreed to be the others slave
if what they said were wrong.Kadru very 
well knew that the tail color was white only but she
wanted to make Vinatha her slave so she 
wantedly called Vinatha for this challenge.Then she
asked her sons the black snakes to go and
circle the horse tail.Since both vinatha and kadru saw
the horse only from a distance it 
appeared to be black and so from that day vinatha
became a slave of kadru. After some years 
when garuda became big he enquiried to his mother why
she being elder to his step mother 
still was doing service to her.Vinatha told her son
about the above story and how she became 
a slave to kadru. Then vainadheya went to his step
mother kadru and politely enquiried what 
he has to do to remove his mother from slavery.She
said 'Get me the amrutham which came out 
of the parkadal then I will release your mother'.So
garuda went and fetched the amrutha 
kalasam,when he was stopped by the devas.A big war
occurred between garuda and the 
devas.Garuda was so strong that without any weapons
only with his wings(garuda paksham) he 
trashed all the devas down.Then the devas went to
sriman narayana  and surrendered to him.
    Then sriman narayana came and told Garuda that the
amrutha kalasam belonged to the 
devas and he should return it.Garuda said according to
kshetriya dharma(he is pakshi raja) he 
has shown his power and taken it from the devas, if
narayana wants to take it he can do so after fighting
with him. But Narayana didnít want to fight with him
he said that he wanted to become garuda's friend and
so he put his hands on garudaís shoulders.It was so
heavy that garuda couldnít 
even bear it. Garuda accepted the friendship and so
narayana was pleased and asked him what 
varam he wanted.Garuda said he wanted the strength to
carry whole of narayana so narayana 
granted him that power and said that garuda will
remain as his vahanam from now on.Then garuda 
requested that ,'Now that I have become your vahanam I
will stay under you, I would also like 
to be on top of you' and so emperuman granted him the
varam that he can stay on top as his 
flag and that is why emperuman's kodi is called garuda
kodi.Then when garuda told emperuman 
that if he returns the amrutha kalasam as emperuman
requested he cannot release his mother 
from slavery but then narayana told him the fact that
the horse really has only while tail 
and what his mother said was right and there was no
need for her to be a slave of kadru.So 
garuda returned happily and told both his mother and
also kadru ,who accepted her mistake.
     This is the story how garudan became both the
vahanam and kodi of emperuman.
So at the start of all brahmotsavams the garuda kodi
is first hoisted on top of the dvajastambam. 
After that parthasarathi gets into his kedayam and has
veedhee purapadu .On the first day and 
the last day
anandan,garudan,vishvaksenar,chakrathazhvar  all go
along with the emperuman.In 
different corners of the thiruveedhees, bali is put
,that is like putting food to the various 
devathas who have been assigned for security in those
corners.On the last day again they 
will be released from those positions.Then after the
purapadu emperuman comes into the 
temple and kodi theertham is given to all.This
theertham is supposed to be very sacrad.
There are some things which are done on all the ten
days of the utsavam.Let us see them one 
by one. On all days parthasarathi has thiruveedhi
purapadu in different vahanams in the 
morning and in the evening.After returning after the
morning purapadu  he is removed from 
the vahanam and he goes to the thiruvaimozhi mandapam
from the vahana mandapam.
  Then emperuman has thirumanjanam and after
thirumanjanam he stays in the kannadi arai 
adjacent to the thiruvaimozhi mandapam. We will see 
about parthasarathiís Thirumanjanam and the 
other proceedings of the utsavam in the next postings.
   I beg my pardon for the errors in my postings.May
the more learned people enlighten me 
with my mistakes.

Adiyen ramanuja dasyai,
Sumithra varadarajan.

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