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[sv-rituals] Re:alpa dvadashi

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 09:27:56 PST

Dear ShrI Mani:

There is a saying that:

"dwAdasha dwAdashIr hanti trayOdashyAmstu pAranam".

Therefore, pAranai must be done before trayOdashi begins.  All I remember is 
during those days (with my parents) the pAranai used to be done very early 
in the morning almost coinciding with the sun-rise.

What if no dwAdashi is present before sun-rise.  I have to find this info. 
from ShrI Anantha NarasimhAchAriAr in India and I will let you know.

I am writing an article on SandhyAvandanam for our local circulation.  I 
will submit it to the sv-rituals as some interest was expressed by one of 
the members.

Also, I am wondering, how practical it would be to do 'nitya OupAsanam' in 
the US.  If any members are doing it, they should kindly share it with us.

Incidentally, 'in a lighter vein', after those new guidelines - I find the 
Bhaktilist - like watching the public television network.  It is devoid of 
any innocent fun!!!


Vijayaraghava dAsan

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