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[sv-poetry] Sri Varadaraja Sthvam: part XXIX: SlOkm 18

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 12:34:41 PST

Dear Sri VaradarAja BhakthAs:

Today , adiyEn will cover the 18th slOkam of
SrI VaradarAja Sthavam dealing with the celebration 
of Vibahava , archA and antharyAmi states of the Lord 
( In the previous two slOkams , KurEsar focused on 
the Para and VyUha forms Of Lord VaradarAjan ):

ParO yaa VyuhO vaa Vibhava utha vaa-archAvataraNa:
  Bhavan vaantharyAmee Vara-Varadha! yO yO bhavasi vai
sa sa Thvam sann eisaan varaguNaguNAn bhibrath akhilAn
  bhajadhbhyO bhAsyEvam sathatham itharEbhya: thu itaraTA

-- 18th slOkam of SrI VaradarAja Sthavam

(meaning): Oh Lord VaradarAjA granting the best of boons !
You might take on the Para VaasudEavA form seen in 
SrI Vaikuntam  or the VyUha form or Vibhava form like
Raama and KrishNA or the ArchA form seen at dhivya dEsams 
or the antharyAmi form found inside the heart lotus of
the chEthanams . In every one of these Five forms , 
Oh VaradarAjA , You adopt the appropriate auspicious 
guNams befitting that state and bless Your BhakthAs.
Those who are not fortunate to have the bhAgyam of 
closeness with You do not get blessed to see the glories
of Your svaroopam and do not become beneficiaries of 
experiencing Your anantha kalyANa guNams. This is indeed 
a pity ! 

Prose order Meaning
Vara Varadha!  = Oh Lord granting the choice boons!

Thvam Para vaa = Whether YOu are in the ParA form
                 as Para VaasudEvan in SrI Vaikuntam

VyUha Vaa      = or in the VyUhA state( as VaasudEVa-
                 SanakarshaNAdhi VyUha states at the milky 
                 ocean )

utha Vibhava Bhavan vaa = or in Vibhavaa states like RaamA 
                          or KrishNA

archAvatharaNa Bhavan vaa = or as ArchA Moorthy in SrIrangam ,
                            ThiruvEngadam et al

antharyAmI vaa = or in the state of indweller in the hearts
                 of all

Ya: Ya: Bhavasi vai = or whatever other states You exist in

sa: sa: sann = staying in those appropriate forms 

EisAn = having the unique aspects of Yours as Isvaran

akhilAn vara guNAn bhibhrath = You display all of Your 
                               auspicious guNams. 

Bhajathbhya: bhAsi = You shine for those , who have sought
                     refuge in You .

itharEbhay: thu = For all the others however , who do not
                  have the good fortune to be Your dear ones.

itharathA asi = You stay as non entity (Jata Brahmam).

In the  earlier slOkams , KurEsar established that
Lord VaradarAjan is anantha kalyANa guNa visishtan
( Possessor of limitless auspicous attributes). Then,
he proceeded to explain that Para VaasudEvan alone
has the PoorNa shADguNyam ( having the complete six 
pradhAna guNams ) and the VyUha Moorthys have two
specific guNams each to take care of their specific
duties. Next , KurEsar pointed out that the Lord in
His vibhava avathArams possesses all six guNams. Here,
KurEsar asserts that even in antharyAmi and archA states ,
the Lord has all the six pradhAna guNams. Thus , KurEsar
instructs us that Lord VaradarAjan has PoorNa ShADguNyam
in all of the five states ranging from ParA to 
antharyAmi state. He concludes by saying that for 
the Bhagavath dhvEshis and sinners , this ShAdguNya
paripoorNathvam will not be apparent following 
the aruLiccheyalkaLs of number of AzhwArs like
Swamy NammazwAr and Thirumazhisai AzhwAr.    

additional comments : 
In this 17th slOkam , KurEsar is raptourous over
the reflection on the souseelya guNam of Lord VaradarAjan 
which makes Him hide His Vara GuNa GaNams and mingle 
with every one equally in His avathArams. In the 18th slOkam ,
KurEsar links the archai and antharyAmi states of Lord
VaradarAjan with His Para , VyUha and VIbhava forms. 
He states that Lord's PradhAna GuNams are transparent to
those , who seek refuge at His Thiruvadi and will be
invisible to those , who do not seek His protection.

Sri VardarAja ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil V.SaThakOpan

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