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[sv-poetry] Apadh Udharana Stothram

From: srigant (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 14:49:38 PST

Dear Sri Vaishvavites,

The Apadh Udharana Stothram, which is supposed to be composed by Sri 
Veda Vyasa Maharishi is very powerful & exhibits the "omnipresence" 
or Antharyami bhavam of Sri Rama.

This is a life saver.When repeatedly chanted, in times of emergency 
it would amke us get the blessings of Sri Ramachandra.This sloka 
pleads Sri Lakshmana & Sri Rama to protects us & remove all 
our "Bheethi" or fear & confusion.The greatest "gem" of verses in 
this is:

Shareere Jarjari Bhuthe Vyadhihasthe Kalebhare
Oushadham janan Vi Thoyam Yajva Vaidhya Naarayano Harihi

Description: For the sick people, water would be the medicine & 
Sriman Narayana is the super mediactor!!

It's really a gem & is an all-in-all stothra, to get rid of "Bhava 

The final verses express the total charanagathy to Empiran & then 
aparadha kshamanam.

I would soon be adding the Sanskrit text for the same in my website 

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