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[sv-poetry] My Vandanams to fello bagavathals

From: srigant (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 13:17:32 PST

Hello Group,

I am Mani from Dallas,Tx.Although a Smartha, I am a follower of the 
Sri Vaishnava tradition.

The greatest auspice of Sri Vaishnavam is charanagathy, which might 
make one lose his ego & attain the lotus feet of Sriman Narayana.

The most easiest way to do that is to follow the foot steps of Sri 
Nammazhvar. He is revered as "Vedam Tamizh Seidha Maran" by his 
disciple Madhura Kavi. The co-incidence with the Vedic rishis & the 
azhwars is that, they have depicted their divine experiences 
as, "texts". Unlike other religions, which preach or market their 
philosophies the vedic Azhwars have sung their divinre experiences.

Swami Nammazhvar does Charanagathy to Deivya Nayakan at Tothadri 
Divya Desham. He says  that he had obsevred a lot of "vruthams" & 
still does not have the minute intellect but does not know anything 
other than Perumal. He also praises Perumal as his father, 
mother...His extent of love in three bhavas - Vatsalya Bhava,Nayaka-
Nayaki Bhava& Dasya Bhava makes us go stunned & shed tears. 

As Bhagavan helps & blesses the devotees, who do seva or Kainkaryam 
to his beloved devotees it is very easy to get the graces of Perumal 
& Piratti so easily by doing charanagathy to Swami Nammazhvar.

Among the various forms of Vaishnavism, the Sri Sampradayam is the 
most superior one, as it insists on Charanagathy & Prema Bakthy. 
Devotees of Perumal could be categorized in to three types:


The first category of bahkthas would not seek anyone other than 
Sriman Narayana- the jeevas would be "married" to him like 
Radha,Rugmini...(Sri Vaishnavites typically)

The second category of people, who would not be married to Krishna
(any one else too), but still do bakthy to him.(Madhvas -- Purandara 

The third category of people would do bakthy to Krishna /Perumal, 
although they r not typical Vaishnavites.(like Bodhendral...)

Madhura Bakthy/Prema Bakthy is the best of all the bhavas as being th 
e "lover" of Emperuma would make us to beome a mother, loved one & a 
fan(Dasa) !!!

The Greatness of Sri Sampradhayam lies in the unparalelled bakthy of 
Nammazhvar,Udayavar,Swami Desikan, & all other devoted ones.

Aartha Bishnna Kshishita Cha Beethah Goreshu Cha Vyadishu Varthamanah
Sankeerthya Narayana Shabdha Mathram Vimuktha Dukka: Sukino Bhavanthu

In places(or minds of men) which are filled with chaos,awkward 
qualities & diseases, the very sound of "Snakeerthanam" of Sriman 
Narayana, would bring happiness & remove all the sadness.

Sri Ranganayaki Samedha Sri Ranganatha Para Bhramhane Namaha

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