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[sv-poetry] FW: govindhan gunam paadi en aavi kaaththiruppen - post 17

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Post 17

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

In the earlier posts we had 12 excellent verses [slokams in sanskrit]
praising my krishNa by the naaga pathnees [wives of snake kaaliyan]. Simply
they recognised the lord krishNa who he is. See how they claim that. Here is
the slokam from Sri vishNu puraaNam as stated by these naaga pathnees.

gjnaathO~si dhEva dhEvEsa sarvagjnasthvam anuththama: |
param jyOthirachinthyam yath thadh amsa: paramEswara: || 
sloka 48 of 7th chapter of 5th amsam [5-7-48] Sri vishNu puraaNam.

Meaning: Hey, lord of lords, we know, you, who you are. You are the all
knowing, incomparably great, supreme light, beyond thinkables, supreme lord.

1.	When so many rishis, munis and others, with lot of penance behind
them, could not easily identify and recognise the lord, when that supreme
lord krishna, appears in front of them. Many think him only as gOpaalan a
cowherd boy etc, these wives of the snake simply assert "oh, we know who you
2.	Perhaps we, ordinary folks, can raise some doubt, whether they
really understood or just claim that. So they confirm it by the next
addressing- thvam dhEva dhEvEsa asi - you are the god of gods and their
leader - eesa for the dhEvas, and dhEva for the dhEvaas. 
3.	Next is still super - thvam sarvagna asi - you are the "all knower"
- who else it can be -except that supreme lord. Further more -next identity-
thvam anuththama: asi - you are the incomparably great, oh, lord.
4.	The very presence of krihna in front gives such wonderful
recognising skills to selected few like these females who are lowly placed,
the sandal carrying women to kamsan etc.
5.	In sri vishnu sahasra naamam bheeshmaa says "aadhi dhEvO mahaa dhEvO
dhEvOsO"etc,  but here it is superbly in one word "dhEvadhEvEsa:". 
6.	Dear bhakthaas, the simple coining of the naamas, or addressing have
to be enjoyed by repeating these in the mind. 

Now they wonder how their husband got the good luck of having the lords'
feet on his head. [mentioned in earlier posts but not given ]

kasya anuBhavO~sya na dhEva vidhmahE thava anGhri rENu sparsa adhikaara: |
yadh vaanchayaa sreerlalanaa aacharath thapo vihaaya kaamaan succhiram
Dhruthavrathaa ||
slokam 36 16th chapter dhasama skandham poorva ardham, srimadh bhaagavatham

meaning; hey, krishna prabhu, we are surprised in that our husband kaaliyan
is blessed to receive the dust of your feet on his head. There are great
people who await such a boon from you. Even mahalakshmi also have to do a
lot of penance to receive that dust of your feet. How easy our husband got
it without effort from his side.

See how these ladies wonder the lord's soulabhyam [ease] of showing his
kaaruNyam [mercy] to the jeevaas - he is "koodarai vellum seer gOvindhan -
[one who wins over even his enemy easily]. Now they express to the lord they
are incapable of praising the lord adequately saying

na samarthaa: suraasthOthum yamananyaBhavam viBhum |
svaroopa varNanam thasya katham yOshithkarishyathi ||
sloka 49 of 7th chapter of 5th amsam [5-7-48] sri vishnu puraanam.

Meaning: you are the self created, a wizard, to eulogize you even the gods
are not capable, then how can we, even think, we can do that.

yasyaakhila maheevyOma jalaagni pavanaathmakam |
brahmaaNdamalpakaalpaamsa: sthOshyaamastham katham vayam ||
sloka 50 of 7th chapter of 5th amsam [5-7-48] sri vishnu puraanam.

Meaning: You are the earth, water, fire, air and space, the pancha bhoothaas
- basic elements. The earth and galaxy created by are a very small part of
You, how we can praise such a supreme lord.   

Point here is that we from bhaagavatham learn the way these wives of
kaaliyan praised the lord in 12 slokams wonderfully - starting with a
prostration to you - thubhyam nama:
namasthuBhyam BhagavathE purushaaya mahaathmanE!
Bhoothaavaasaaya Bhoothaaya paraayaa paramaathmanE!! 
gnaana vignaana niDhayE brahmaNE~ anantha sakthayE!
aguNaayaavikaaraayaa namasthE~ apraakruthaaya cha!!
[Since we have already the reference it is not repeated]

meaning: oh, lord! we prostrate to you. You are the supreme bhagavaan. You
are the man, the pure inner soul, you reside in the basic elements and you
are the elements, the supreme soul. You are the supreme wealth of all wisdom
and science. You are the basic creator, limitlessly powered Supreme Being.
You are beyond gunaas- the nature, changeless and timeless.

1.	See the sthuthi pours like torrential rain from very learned people
- similar to expert bheeshmaa who gave us that wonderful vishnu sahasra
2.	Just think for a moment how bheeshma could do that in spite of his
suffering- leave his long penance- thavam etc- he can do just because the
lord krishna is standing in front of bheeshma- he could do - lo- the very
presence of the lord in front brings out wonderful sthuthi about himself-
for he is sthavya: , sthavapriya: . Here the sthuthi starts bhagavathE.
There visvam vishNu.  

Just to put these 12 slokams as a naamaavaLi
1.	[PraNavam] bhagavathe [nama:] - 558th namaa of SVSN
2.	[PraNavam] purushaaya [nama:] -14th of SVSN
3.	[PraNavam] mahaathmanE [nama:] -
4.	[PraNavam] bhoothaavasaaya  [nama:]
5.	[PraNavam] bhoothaaya [nama:] - 708th of SVSN
6.	[PraNavam] paraaya [nama:]
7.	[PraNavam] paramaathmanE [nama:]
8.	[PraNavam] gnaana vignaana nidhayE  [nama:]
9.	[PraNavam] brahmanE [nama:] - 663rd of SVSN
10.	[PraNavam] anantha sakthayE [nama:]
11.	[PraNavam] aguNaaya [nama:]
12.	[PraNavam] avikaaraaya [nama:]
13.	[PraNavam] apraakruthaaya [nama:]
14.	[PraNavam] kaalaaya [nama:]
15.	[PraNavam] kaalanaaBhaaya [nama:]
16.	[PraNavam] kaalavayava saakshinE [nama:]
17.	[PraNavam] visvaaya [nama:]
18.	[PraNavam] upadhrashtrE [nama:]
19.	[PraNavam] karthrE [nama:]
20.	[PraNavam] visvahEthavE [nama:]
21.	[PraNavam] bootha maarthrE [nama:]
22.	[PraNavam] indhriya praaNa manO budhDhyaasayaathmanE [nama:]
23.	[PraNavam] thriguNaaya [nama:]
24.	[PraNavam] abhimaaninE [nama:]
25.	[PraNavam] goodaaya [nama:]
26.	[PraNavam] svaathmaanubhoothayE [nama:]
27.	[PraNavam] ananthaaya [nama:] - 886th of SVSN
28.	[PraNavam] sookshmaaya [nama:] 457th of SVSN
29.	[PraNavam] kootasthaaya [nama:]
30.	[PraNavam] vipaschithaaya [nama:]
31.	[PraNavam] naanaa vaadha anurOdhaaya [nama:]
32.	[PraNavam] vaachyaa vaachaka sakthayE [nama:]
33.	[PraNavam] praaNa moolaaya [nama:]
34.	[PraNavam] kavayE [nama:]
35.	[PraNavam] saasthrayOnayE [nama:]
36.	[PraNavam] pravruththaaya [nama:]
37.	[PraNavam] nivruththaaya [nama:]
38.	[PraNavam] nigamaaya [nama:]
39.	[PraNavam] krushnaaya [nama:] 57th of SVSN
40.	[PraNavam] raamaaya [nama:] 394th of SVSN
41.	[PraNavam] vasudheva suthaaya [nama:]
42.	[PraNavam] pradhyumnaaya [nama:] 640th of SVSN
43.	[PraNavam] anirudhdhaaya [nama:] 638th of SVSN
44.	[PraNavam] saathvathaam pathaye [nama:] 512th of SVSN
45.	[PraNavam] guna pradheepaaya [nama:]
46.	[PraNavam] gunaathmachaadhanaaya [nama:]
47.	[PraNavam] gunavruthyupalakshyaaya [nama:]
48.	[PraNavam] gunadhrashte [nama:]
49.	[PraNavam] sva samvidhE [nama:]
50.	[PraNavam] avyaakrutha vihaaraaya [nama:]
51.	[PraNavam] sarva vyaakrutha sidhdhayE [nama:]
52.	[PraNavam] hrusheekEsaaya [nama:] 47th of SVSN
53.	[PraNavam] munayE [nama:]
54.	[PraNavam] mounaseelinE [nama:]
55.	[PraNavam] paraavaragathignaaya [nama:]
56.	[PraNavam] sarvaaDhyakshaaya [nama:]
57.	[PraNavam] visvaaya [nama:]
58.	[PraNavam] avisvaaya [nama:]
59.	[PraNavam] dhrashtE [nama:]
60.	[PraNavam] hEthavE [nama:]
61.	[PraNavam] praBhavE [nama:]
62.	[PraNavam] guNairaneehayE [nama:]
63.	[PraNavam] kaalasakthi DhrukE  [nama:]
64.	[PraNavam] amoosthanavasthrilOkyaam saanthaa: [nama:]
65.	[PraNavam] Dharma pareepsayEhatha: [nama:]

This is as conceived by this soul. Any mistake in listing out the naamaavali
is mine. SVSN mentioned here is Sri vishNu sahasra naamam. Links for other
naamas will be given in next post or when taken up for commenting.

Perhaps dear bhakthaas you are able to appreciate the waiting is worth for
this sthuthi of krishna. Thank you for your patience in between.
The comments on first 2 slokams and meanings of other sthuthi slokams we
will see in subsequent posts. Some more vishnu puraanam slokams by these
naga pathnees are there. They will also be included in nex post or posts.


Vasudevan m.g.

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