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[sv-poetry] Padhuka Sahasram-581

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SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Translation by U.Ve. Dr. V.N. Vedanta Desikan Swamin:

581. prapadhyE ranganathasya pAdhukAm padhmarAgiNIm 
     padhaIkaniyathAm thasya padhmavAsAmivAparAm

I surrender myself to Paaduka, who is another Mahalakshmi, being 
padmaragini (having Padmaraga=ruby gems) like Lakshmi (loving to live 
in the lotus), and who is ever bound to the Lord's feet only (like 
Lakshmi ever being one participating in all the roles, such as the 
control of all worlds, being Seshi, etc., permanently sharing in His 

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

Special Notes by V.Sadagopan (V. S)

SlOkam 581

1)UtthamUr Swamy's anubhavam:Oh PaadhukE! adiyEn surrenders unto You ,
who is predominantly adorned with PadhmarAga stones. Their red color 
is close to that of the red lotus flowers. You are exclusively 
associated with service to  Lord's sacred feet. You are like another 
MahA Lakshmi at the Lord's holy feet.

2) Srimath Andavan's anubhavam: Oh PaadhukE! When adiyEn looks at the 
red rubies adorning You, adiyEn is reminded of another MahA Lakshmi , 
who stays only at the sacred feet of the Lord. MahA lakshmi stays 
only at the chest of Your Lord. Azhwar thinks of himself as  the 
consort of the Lord performing kaimkaryam at the Lord's sacred feet .

3) Introduction : The PadhmarAga paddhathi  is the first of the four 
chapters (17-20 ) dealing with  four specific gems : Rubies , 
Pearls , Emeralds and Sapphires. In the previous section, Swami  
Desikan paid tribute to all the four of them . Now Swami  singles out 
every one of them and devotes  30 verses for rubies (PadhmarAga 
Paddhathi), 50 for pearls ( MukthA Paddhathi ), 20 for emeralds ( 
Marataka Paddhathi ) and 30 for sapphires ( Indhra Neela Paddhathi). 
Altogether , there are 130 verses for these four gems that follow the 
50 verses of the previous Paddhathi (Bahurathna Paddhathi) , which 
covered all of the four gems .

The Lord's body has four colors corresponding to the above four gems. 
He also created these four colors at the beginning of the universe. 
Since rubies have the red color resembling MahA Lakshmi, Swamy 
Desikan chooses this gem as the first of the four stones adorning the 
Paadhukai. PadhmarAgha literally means "having the color of red 
lotus", the flower has close affinity to MahA Lakshmi. The Paadhuka 
supports the lotus feet of the Lord ; MahA Lakshmi has the lotus 
forests as one of Her homes. The other home for Her is the Lord's 
chest. She also serves the Lord's lotus feet by pressing them, when 
He engages in Yoga Nidhrai…(V.S).

4) Swamy  Desikan performs Prapatthi to the SrI RanganAtha Padhukais 
adorned with the PadhmarAgaa  gems and suggests that they will confer 
purushArTams including Moksham  on him ( PadhmarAghiNIm RanganAthasya 
PaadhukAm PrapadhyE ). Those Paadhukais, which like MahA Lakshmi 
(PadhmarAgiNi) never leaves the Lord's sacred feet or their proximity 
(Tasya padhaika-niyathAm RanganAthasya PaadhukAm prapadhyE ). They 
are like another MahA Lakshmi in the sense that they are adorned with 
red rubies, a color reminiscent of Periya PirAtti, who never leaves 
the Lord's side ( PadhaikaniyathAm aparAm Padhma-VaasAmiva PaadhukAm 
prapadhyE). She is fond of the red lotuses (Padhma-RagiNi)…(V.S).  

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