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[sv-poetry] [t'vengadam] Sri Vilakkoli Perumal, Thoopul/ThirutthaNkA dhivya Desam: Nithya AarAdhana Kaimkaryam for VilakkoLi PerumAL and Swamy Desikan : Part 42: Thirty Eighth SlOkam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 20:04:24 PDT


Dear BhakthAs:

Today , adiyEn will cover the Thirty Eighth slOkam 
of Sri SaraNAgathi DhIpikai , where Swamy Desikan
helps the Jeevan to enter the 101st NaaDi to ensure 
the ascent of the prapanna Jeevan to His parama padham :

savya-anyayO: ayanayO: nisi vaasarE vaa
  sankalpitha aayu: avadhIn sapadhi prapannAn
Haardha: Svayam nijapadhE vinivEsayishyan
  naaDIm pravEsayasi NaaTa sathAdhikam Thvam 

--SrI SaraNAgathi DhIpikai: SlOkam 38

Oh ViLakkoLi PerumALE ! For those , who have not performed Prapatthi , 
there are some limitations on the time of death and their consequences. 
They can hope to attain the auspicious worlds only when their death
happens during the UttharAyaNa Sukla paksham and particularly during
the day time. SaasthrAs say such souls without the benefit of Prapatti
can not enter auspicious worlds at other times such as DakshiNayana
KrishNa Paksha days or Nights.Those who have peformed Prapatti at
Your Lotus feet have no such restrictions.UttarAyaNam or DakshiNAyanam 
or the Pakshams or the day or night do not interfere with their
reaching Your Supreme abode. At the end of their assigned time on 
this earth, they ascend to SrI Vaikuntam for eternal residence 
there to serve You.

At the end of their lives as PrapannAs, You as the indweller of 
the jeevan facilitate it to enter the 101st NaaDi to begin its 
journey via the path of light towards SrI Vaikuntam. The Other 
Jeevans , who did not perform Prapatthi enter NaaDis other than 
the 101st NaaDi and as a result start their journey to Svargam 
or Narakam based on their karma visesham. You make the Prapanna 
Jeevan see nothing but the 101st NaaDi (Brahma NaaDi or Moordhanya 
Naadi) and help it to start its journey on the upward path to 
SrI Vaikuntam.

Additional Comments (V.S):
In the previous slOkam , Swamy Desikan described how the Lord 
as the indweller of the jeevan unites the ten Indhriyams with 
Manas and Manas inturn with PrANa Vaayu and that PrANa Vaayu 
with the subtle aspects of Pancha BhUthams.Our Lord embraces that 
Jeevan which underwent such streneous steps to exit the body 
and comforts it. What does the Jeevan do now ? That is the subject 
matter of this 38th sLokam . Lord's additional upakArams to 
the prapnna jeevan is described here. 

The subject matter of Four Brahma Soothra adhikaraNams 
( IV.ii.8  to IV.ii. 11) are condensed into one single 
slOkam by the Kavi Simham, Swamy Desikan. 

The names of these adhikaranams are:

IV.ii.8 is Tad-okodhikarana
IV.ii.9 is RasmayanusAra-adhikaraNam
IV.ii.10 is Nisaa-adhikaraNam
IV.ii.11 is DakshiNAyana-adhikaraNam

In the Tad-OkodhikaraNam , the Lord's special help 
in illuminating the 101st NaaDi and pushing open the 
closed door of that Naadi to permit the Prapanna 
Jeevan  to enter is described . KaTha and BrahadAraNya 
Upanishads attest to this help of the Lord.In the 493rd slOkma
of His AdhikaraNa SaarAvaLi , Swamy  Desikan describes
the Lord's help in detail for the Prapanna Jeevan to
enter the 101st NaaDi and to proceed further along 
the prescribed route to SrI Vaikuntam .

In the RasmayanusAra-adhikaraNam ,the journey of the Jeevan
following the rays of the Sun are decribed following 
the ChandOgya Upanishad manthram (8.6.5).

In the next adhikaranam , Nisaa-adhikaraNam , it is stated
that for a Prapanna Jeevan, death at day time or night time
does not interfere with the travel to reach the Supreme
Brahman. Non-prapanna Jeevans dying during night do not
attain the auspicious worlds ( He is born again in this world).

In the DakshiNAyana-adhikaraNam , the prapanna who dies even in
DakshiNAyanam ( in the six month period, when the Sun travels
South) attains the Supreme Brahman.The non-prapanna Jeevan
dying in DakshiNAyanam does not travel in the path of light,
but in the path of smoke ( DhoomAdhi maargam) and is condemned 
to be born again in SamsAra without attaining Brahman like
the prapanna Jeevan.

By the passage of the 38th slOkam , " savya anyayO: ayanayO:",
Swamy Desikan refers to the insignificance of DakshiNAyanam
or UttharAyaNam in affecting the sureness of the prapanna 
Jeevan's journey via archirAdhi maargam ( adhikaraNam: IV.ii.11).

By the passage " Nisi VaasarE vaa" of the 38th slOkma ,
Swamy  Desikan condenses the  thoughts of AdhikaraNam 
IV.ii.10 ( nisaa-adhikaraNam). Death during the night 
or day does not interfere with the pre-determined journey
of the Prapanna jeevan via the divine path to SrI Vaikuntam.

By the passage of the 38th slOkam , " Sankalpitha aayu: avadhIn
PrapannAn sapadhi nija padhE Svayam vinivEsayishyan Haardha:
Thvam satha adhikam naaDIm pravEsayasI" , Swamy Desikan 
refers to the adhikaraNam IV.ii.8( TadhOkOdhikaraNam ).
The parapanna Jeevan exits the gross body via the 101st Naadi
with the help of the indweller Lord (antharyAmi Brahman).
The exit is made easier by the Lord by making the 101st NaaDi
radiant (agra jvalanam) so that the Jeevan can see where
it is and then our Lord pushes open the closed door of
the 101st NaaDi to ease the entry of the prapanna Jeevan 
in that NaaDi to proceed upwards on its prescribed path
(DevayAna path)  to the Supreme abode . The non-prapanna 
Jeevans exit their gross body by any one of the other 
100 Naadis and reach destinations other than SrI Vaikuntam 
(Svargam or narakam ) and are destined to be reborn again 
in this SamsAric world.         

SrImath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam, 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan 

(P.S): Dear BhakthAs: Please help with the NithyArAdhana
Kaimkaryam at ThUppul VedAntha Desikan Sannidhi and 
the daily AarAdhanam for Swamy Desikan's home PerumAL
and PirAtti , Sri Maragathavalli SamEtha Sri DhIpa PrakAsan.

Please contact adiyEn , if you would like to support this 
important Kaimkaryam and join the BhaagavathAs , who have
already brought the kaimkaryam past its half way point. 

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