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[sv-poetry] A Request regarding postings

From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 22:47:06 PDT

SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
===================================================Dear Moderator of sv-poetry group,

I compose poetry in Sanskrit and Tamil languages as per channdas rules/
ancient tolkAppiyam's YAppilakkaNam (poetry grammar). I have translated 
the following into Tamil poetry verses named 'nErisai vENpA' (the poetry 
meter as found in mudal AzwAr's tiru-vantAtis, tiru-malizai-AzwAr's nan-
mukan-tiruvantAti and swAmi nammAzwAr's periya-tiruvantAdi verses). 
1.	All the 28 stOtra pATams of swAmi dESika
2.	stOtra ratnam, chatu: SlOki, gItArta-sangraham of bhagavath yAmunAcharya
3.	mei-virada mAnmiyam, muni-vAhana bhOgam of swAmi dESika
4.	sAra sAram of swAmi dESika

Also, I have composed independent Tamil/Sanskrit poetry works on swAmi
nammAzwAr and his prabandams, tiru-mangai-AzwAr, tiru-malizai AzwAr,
tatvams & rahsayams of SrI SampradAyam. I am in the process of writing 
the entire SrImath vAlmiki rAmAyaNam in Tamil nErisa veNpA verses 
following our SrI sampradAyam and abhaya-pradAna sAram of swAmi dESika. I have
completed nearly 3500 verses in it. I am also in the process of composing the
entire swAmi dESika sahasranAmam (by swAmi SrImath tiru-kuTandai dESikan) in
Tamil veNpAs. I have written an software to validate the grammatical
correctness of the Tamil verses that 
I compose. I submitted couple of my works before HH SrI powNDarIkapuram 
SrImath pravakkOTTai ANDavan swAmi tiruvadi when I had been to SrI rangam 
three months before and got anugraham. I request you to kindly let me know
whether I can publish my works (MS Word document as attachment +IBM (Sanskrit &
Tamil fonts will be required to read it) or load it in the files section and
send a note to your group along with commentary/notes 
on yAppilakkaNAm. I am also planning to publish them in a book form
in due course of time with the anugraham of SrImath AachAryas.

Thanks & Regards
naidrava mAdabhUshi S. HARI rAmAnuja dAsan (

[Yes, Sri Hari, please feel free to post them to this forum!
 It will make for interesting reading. -- Moderator ]

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