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[sv-poetry] Padhuka Sahasram-567

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Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 04:04:32 PDT


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,

Translation by U.Ve. Dr. V.N. Vedanta Desikan Swamin:

567. nirgacChathA charaNarakshiNi! nIyamAnA
     rangEshvarENa BhavathI raNadhIkshithEna
     suthE surArisuBhatInayanAmbujAnAm 
     jyoUthsnIm nishAmiva sithAsitharathnaBhAsA

Oh Paaduka! Intent on a fight against Asuras, the Lord starts wearing 
You. The result of the fight, the decimation of the Asuras is 
portended even by the scene created by the white and dark gems on 
You, since their halo creates a dark night with a moon-whereat the 
wives of asuras close their eyes-the lotuses of their eyes close 
themselves automatically as expected at night and at the sight of 
the moon!

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

Special  Notes by V.Sadagopan (V.S):

SlOkam 567 

1) UtthamUr Sawmy's anubhavam: In the Bahurathna paddhathi , Swami
Desikan  salutes the lustres of of more than (bahu) one gem 
decorating the Lord's Thiruvadi (sacred feet). Here , Swamy salutes 
the white and dark blue lustres of pearls and sapphires  
respectively. He says: " When the Lord travels on You for His 
campaigns to destroy the enemies of the DevAs, You shine with the 
white and dark blue lustres of Your pearls and sapphires.
Your white lustre spreads like the rays of the Moon and closes the 
blossomed lotus eyes of the wives of Your Lord's enemies. Until the 
Lord set foot on His campaign, the wives of the asurAs  were in a 
happy state like the blossomed lotuses. Their eyes were showing signs 
of joy. Once they learnt about the start of the Lord's Vijaya 
yAthrai, their lotus-like eyes closed. The lotus closes when the 
Moon  arises. 

2) Srimath Andavan's anubhavam: The inner meaning is that AchArya
upadEsams about the existence of the Lord and His KalyANa guNams 
are for  banishing  our  sorrows arising from staying away form the 
Lord; the hearing of such upadEsams destroys people's inauspicious 
attributes like Kaamam , DhvEsham , KrOdham ( desire for perishable 
things and attachment to them , hatred and anger). They become dead 
and the person recieving the upadEsam  is saved. 

3) Oh PaadhukE ! Your Lord is ready to go on His campaigns to destroy
the enemies of His devotees. He adorns You during these campaigns  
and You transport Him to these battles ( RaNa-dhIkshithEna 
RangEswarENa neeyamAnA  Bhavathi ). You display the white (sitha) and 
the black (asitha) lustre from Your white pearls and black  onyx 
gems. Lord Ranganathan is saluted here as "RaNa DhIkshithan " or One 
who is adept in warfare relating to Bahktha RakshaNam and Dushta 

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