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Re: question

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Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 15:38:22 PDT

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>Subject: Re: question
>Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 13:21:53 -0600

Dear BhakthAs :

It will be my pleasure to add a few words about
the author Of Vara Vara Muni sathakam that
Sri Varadhan referred to in his rsponse 
to Sri VenaktEsh's question .
It was the time ,when Sri MaNavALa Maamunigal(MM)
was at Srirangam . There was a great Sri VaishNavite
family at an agrahAram called YeRumpi near 
thirukkatikai ( ShOLingar or Chozha Simha Puram ),
one of the celebrated dhivya Desams among the 108
Dhivya desams .A MahA VidvAn of the name DEvarAjAcchAr
was residing at YeRmbi agrahAram . He was related to 
PrathivAdhi Bhayankaram ANNan , who was at Srirangam
serving his AchAryan , Sri MM .DEvarAjAchAr visited 
ANNan at Srirangam and attended the KaalakshEPa 
GhOshti of Sri MM. Sri DevarAjAcchAr enjoyed immensely 
the grat pravachana skills of Sri MM . Since he was not
a disciple of Sri MM , Sri DevarAjAcchAr did not partake
of the Theertha PrasAdhams at the end of the KaalakshEpam
and returned back to YeRumpi at the end of his stay with his 
relative at Srirangam . 

Next day at his home , he started his ThiruvArAdhanam for 
th Lord and tried to open the doors of his Koil AzhwAr 
( the house altar , where the AarAdhana moorthy is
housed ). Lo and behold , the doors would not open .
Whatever effort he took to open the doors , they stayed
shut. Swamy  recognized that he must have committed a
major aopachAram for this treatment by the Lord to
ignore him and not to accept the daily AarAdhanam
from his hands . He was heart broken and in his 
dream at night , Lord Raamachandra, his AarAdhan moorthy 
appeared and told him that he had insulted Sri MM dear
to Him by returning from Srirangam without taking Theetha at
PrasAdhams from Sri MM . Lord Ramachandra told DevarAjar 
that it was AdhisEshA that has incarnated 
as Sri MM and commnaded DevarAjA to seek him(MM)
as his ( DevarajA's ) achaaryan and thus purify 
himself from the major apachAram committed
at Srirangam .The Lord told until he completed that task,
He will continue to reject AarAdhanam from DeavarAjar. 

DevarAjar rushed next morning to Srirangam and fell
like a fallen tree at the sacred feet of Sri MM and 
begged the AchAryan to accept him as his sishyan .
The most merciful MM accepted DevarAjar and gave
him the nae of YeRumpi appA , who became one of the 
Ashta Dhig Gajams (8 prominent sishyAs ) of Sri MM .

YeRumpi appA had parama bhkthi for his AchAryan 
and composed Kaavyams, Naatakams and Champu SthOthrams
on Sri MM . Vara Vara Muni Sathakam is part of these
literary samarpaNams of YeRumpi appA . After
taking refuge at the sacred feet of Sri MM ,
YeRumpi appA replaced his family AarAdhana dhiavam,
Sri Raamachandran at his koil aazhwAr with the archai of 
Sri MM and conducted his daily AarAdhanams to Sri MM .
Such is the AchArya Bhakthi of YeRumpi appA !

Namo NaarAyaNA ,

>hi venkatEsh,
>vara vara munisathakam was composed by erumbiyappa -
>one of the shishyAs of maNavALa mAmunigaL.
>adiyEn has a copy. If you like, adiyEn
>can fax it to you.
>adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,