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Periya Thirumozhi 6.6- naRaiyoor ninRa nambhiyE..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 01:39:30 PDT

1. The Lord- SarvEshwaran aimed the arrows victoriously to let the heads, 
and arms of asurAs fall on the ground. He stands at ThirunaRaiyoor Diva 
Desam, where men (beautiful like manmathan and Murugan) and women (who have 
spear like beautiful darting eyes) live. This ParipoorNan of ThirunaRaiyoor, 
has taken adiyEn (dAsa bhUthan of His), in His ThiruvuLLam (mind) as His 
eternal servant and has accepted and acknowledged adiyEn’s kaimkaryam. He 
alone is our support.

2. This Lord, who appeared as Parasuraman, having the sharp unparalleled 
“parasu” (axe) in His hand, that cut the heads of kings of 21 generations, 
has the victorious garland on His shoulders is here at ThirunaRaiyoor, where 
lotus flowers try to ape the beauty of those large eyed women folks living 
in and the white mullai flower buds imitate their teeth.  This Lord alone is 
our "paRRu" support.

3. On the pristinely pure, clear ThiruppaaRkadal, Thiruvananthaazhwaan, 
exhaling poisonous air, and having anger on enemies (of Emperumaan), on 
whom, Ksheeraandhi Naathan, Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan, reclines and has 
Yoga nithrA; Also, He chased and finished off the deer that jumped and 
galloped. He went and begged for three measures of earth from Bhali. Such 
greatest Perumaan is here at ThirunaRaiyoor as NaRaiyoor Nambhi, where the 
beautiful ponds reminds us of the eyes of women folks living therein, while 
the lotus flowers therein reminds us of their faces.

4. The little Kutti KaNNan, who stole the butter and got Himself caught red 
handed by His mother YashOdha. Angry mom tied Him to the coral, having Him 
cry with quivering lips. (What a sowlabhyam!) This Kutti KaNNan is the 
Nambhi, who stays permanently at ThirunaRaiyoor, where the bees hum and 
drink honey from the flowers and the mullai flowers are scattered on the 
ground due to the gentle breeze that appears like the smiling face of 

5. AT Vadamathura (present day MathurA), He wished to see the dhanur yaagam 
and killed the ChaaNoora mushtikan there (as appointed by Kamsan to kill 
KaNNan), and then pounced on the strong Kamsan to finish him too. He is the 
One who jumped and danced on each head of 1000 heads of most poisonous and 
venomous snake KaaLiyan. This KaNNa pirran, is the ThirunaRaiyoor Nambhi, 
where brahmins who are blemishless and are learned Vedic scholars live in.

6. “vaLLi kozhunan mudhalaaya makkaLOdu mukkaNNaan veLgi Oda…” Along with 
the children like Murugan, the husband of vaLLi, Sivan (mukkaNNaan) came to 
fight against Emperumaan, in support of VaaNAsuran and even they  were made 
to run away showing their backs by Emperumaan and the Lord effortlessly cut 
the mountain of 1000 shoulders of VaaNan. This greatest oppaaril appan, 
Emperumaan is the Nambhi of ThirunaRaiyoor, where the male crab that gets 
caught within the Lotus flower comes out later (next day, when it blooms) 
crawling towards the female crab, which, on seeing the pollens of lotus 
flowers in the male’s mouth gets suspicious and gets into “oodal” (anger?) 
and enters into the fields.

7. The Lord, who drove the chariot of Arjunan is such a way ensuring the 
onslaught of kings (on the enemy side); the One who lifted effortlessly the 
nearby mountain when it rained cats and dogs on the cattle and cowherd folks 
(as sent by angry Indran); the One who has the sharp strong ChakrAyudham. 
This greatest Lord is the Nambhi of ThirunaRaiyoor, where brahmins who learn 
four Vedas, who have the ability to perform the five Yaagams, six a~ngas, 
seven swarams (of music) stay.

8. In order to have Draupathi (Paanchaali) tie her hair (tresses) due to her 
vow taken, KaNNan blew the victorious Conch shell, to make the enemy kings 
like DuryOdhanan (who rode on strong elephants) get butterflies in stomachs. 
He is the Lord of ThirunaRaiyoor, where merciful Brahmins of the likes of 
capable Chathur mukha Brahma and Sivan stay permanently.

9. “aaRum, piRaiyum, aravamum, adampum, sadai mEl aNindhu udalam neeRum 
poosi yEroorum iRaiyOn seNru kuRai yirappa; “. The ganges, the crescent 
moon, the snake, the “adampam” flowers are all in his head (sadai); he 
applies burnt ashes on his body; the One who rides on a bull (rishabam), is 
Sivan. He went and pleaded to remove his grievance and his kabaala (skull) 
dhOsham when it got stuck to his hand, which was removed by Emperumaan 
Sriman Narayanan. All that He did was to sprinkle a droplet of His most 
fragrant, sweat taken from the Divine chest of His and filled the skull. 
This greatest unparalleled Lord, SarvEshawaran is the Nambhi of 
ThirunaRaiyoor, which is surrounded by most beautiful and fragrant gardens.

10. This ten is on the Lord (nambhI) of ThirunaRaiyoor, where the brahmins 
whose thinking is only performance of kaimkaryams to Emperumaan. This is 
sung by the king of Thirumangai. Those who sing them (knowing its menaings) 
will not get their past sins dare stay and /or approach them. Also, they are 
sure to attain Parama padham and be surrounded by Nithyasooris lovingly.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThirunadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

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