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a small clarification

From: Dan Pattangi (
Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 09:27:32 PDT

My opinion to Shri Sheshadri Ranganathan's question:

All the souls here are destined for liberation,
some take a few life times, some take more.

As long as we are content (this is a loaded word)
in this life given by god, all is well here. 
We have perumal in so many forms (not just the forms
that we Sri Vaishnavas know.) around you, to worship,
pray, dote devote, fall in love etc)

Perumal comes to us in the form, language and context so that we 
can understand him better.
He comes in an Indian look and feel, language etc to us, as
we would understand him better in that form.
He spoke in Tamil/ Hindi/ Sanskrit so he could communicate to us.

Our perumal is representing himself to other people of the
world who speak other languages (also to other life forms
and other specie in other parts of his Universe.) in whatever form,
shape and language they can understand. 

So it does not matter if I am liberated in this life or
xx lives from now, as long as perumal gives me the knowledge to know, 
understand, worship & have a concious relationship with him in every
life I have here. I know all of us commit sins (at least I do) & do not
deserve liberation through our right. If he chooses to save/help
(like the 2nd case in your example.) we will be liberated.

Our actions and prayer, devotion to god is not towards liberation,
we do it because we enjoy it and perumal enjoys it.

No matter what all we do, just by our actions, learings etc we cannot 
get liberated. The only chance is through perumal's karuna/kripa/daya
towards us. And he knows what we seek in our hearts.

In your example:
The 1st person is indeed in a concious relationship with God, he is in
bliss in this life itself. If this soul is liberated that is great, if
not, the soul already knows the spiritual satisfaction. So in the next
life the soul is going to be in a concious relationship with God again.

In the 2nd case is the person has truly undergone pancha samskaram
(not just be actions, but in the heart) of course he is now in 
a state of concious relationship with god, so he will be in bliss. 

Best Regards, 

Mukundan Vankipuram Pattangi