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Re: small clarification (apparently)
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 21:15:29 PDT

This is my opinion about Shri Sheshadri Ranganathan's query:

I feel a mumukshu whether or not he has committed sins must understand the 
Tatvam, Hitam and PurushArtham from an acharyan. Any passing knowledge of 
three will certainly be advantageous to his welfare(which, by the way is 
because of the
grace of the Lord), but a clear understanding of these from an acharyan is 
important. An Acharyan is our only recourse. It is very essential that we 
have to 
understand the tatvam, hitam and purushartam in the correct perspective, all 
the more, 
it being our duty.

After knowing them, we must surrender all our faculties to the Supreme 
Personal God. By 
faculties, I mean, ones own nature. It is very hard to conceptualize 
surrendering ones own 
nature (Swarupa thyAgam). 

Last but not the least, moksham is the anugraha sankalpam of the Supreme and 
anugraha and nigraha sankalpams are unquestionable.

Please pardon me for my agyAnam and vipareetagyAnam.
Keshavan Kadambi.