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Periya Thirumozhi 6.6- "thannaalE than uruvil moorthy moonRaay.."

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Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 03:07:42 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr in the last ten mentioned about the greatness of Emperumaan of 
ThirunaRaiyoor, who removes the enemies (virOdhis) of ours. He addresses his 
mind, who laments that it does not have the Prema bhakthi for Him, saying 
“this Emperumaan is so merciful and most compassionate that He blessed even 
the Chozha king who had been having ahankara, mamakarams and had been 
worshipping “anya devathas”. The king ultimately became a devotee of this 
Emperumaan. (after building seventy temples for Sivan, he reached 
ThirunaRaiyoor, to get what he wished for. Read pAsuram no.8)

1. The vast space, (skies), the huge earth, the oceans, the mountains, were 
all eaten (swallowed) through the neck of Emperumaan, who reclined on a 
little Banyan leaf as an infant. Oh Devotees, who long to be blessed to be 
at His Lotus Feet! Go and stay at ThirunaRaiyoor! The greatness is: The 
Chozha king, (who has got red eyes, like that of beautiful black bees 
drinking honey from shenbhaga flowers and stands on the magizha flowers) 
stays here and is full of buildings that are impregnated with jewel stones.

2. Oh devotees, longing to enjoy at the Lotus feet of Emperumaan, who ran as 
huge fat, Varaaham jumping above the Universe and brought back the Earth 
from troubled waters; SarvEshawaran, who is my Swami! Please go and stay at 
ThirunaRaiyoor! Its greatness is: It has got the Chozha king, who lets every 
citizen take the sandal wood branches, and agil tree branches; the place, 
where the river cauvery brings along with it, the gem stones, and pushes 
aside the fields; where groups of bees sing tunes jointly.

3. Oh bhakthAs, who long to join the Lotus Feet of SavEshawaran, who had the 
Oceans as the dress; who had the vast earth as His Feet; eight directions, 
as His shoulders; the air (Vaayu) as His ThirumEni; the wall of the huge 
Universe as His Head; Sarva vyApakan! (as Mathsyam..?) Stay permanently at 
ThirunaRaiyoor, where the Chozha king has got the sword in his hand that is 
capable of bringing the flesh of his enemy at its tip, that is pecked and 
eaten by the crows, sitting on top of the golden crowns of the (dead) enemy 

4. Oh Bhagawathas, desirous of the being at the Lotus Feet of SarvEshawaran, 
who flooded with the red blood of the strongest hiraNyan, by pulling him and 
placing him on his lap and tearing him apart with His sharp nails, by 
roaring and laughing with His ferocious mouth, and looking fiercely with His 
fiery eyes, as Great Naraisinga rUpam! Stay at ThirunaRaiyoor, which was 
ruled by Chozah mannan, riding on victorious horses, that can even push the 
elephants of his enemies.

5. Oh devotees, desirous of the feast of enjoying the lotus Feet of 
Emperumaan, who sent hiraNyan, by killing him in His Narasinga avtaar, and 
sending him to Swargam, who took the Trivikraman avtaar, and measured all 
three worlds! Stay at ThirunaRaiyoor, where Chozha king stayed, who was the 
king of both south and the north of Tamil Nadu as well, where the river 
Cauvery brings along with it the gem stones and golden particles and scatter 
them in the banks of ThirunaRaiyoor.

6. Oh BhakthAs, who long to attain and be saved by, at the Lotus feet of 
Emperumaan, who has the Divya Athma swaroopam; who has got the Divine 
ThirumEni, out of His own will; who has got the whole three lustrous worlds, 
as His own possessions (as His sarIram); who is the Nirvaahakan of Parama 
padham as well; who out of His own sankalpam (free will), created from His 
swaroopam, the four faced Brahma and Sivan, and Indran; who never ever gets 
entangled and bonded by Karmas, but still be born as KaNNan! Stay at 
ThirunaRaiyoor! Which is sought by even the Chozha  king, the Kongu naaattu 
king and the Paandya king, who sends his enemies to heaven (Veera swargam) 
by aiming his spear once.

7. Oh floks desirous of joining the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan KaNNan, who 
drank the poison from the breasts of Poothanai and finished her off; who was 
the Nirvaahakan of Dwaraka; who went behind the cattle, rearing them, 
playing the divine music from his flute; who stole (for playing and fun) the 
ornaments of cowherd women! Stay permanently at ThirunaRaiyoor, which is 
flooded with gem stones, due to river Cauvery, and has got Chozha king, the 
strong kshathriyan having the bow in his hand.

8. The vallabhan of the bimbha fruit like mouthed beautiful Nappinnai 
PiraaaTTi; the One who cut the head of strong Kaarthaveeryaarjunan, as 
Parasuraman- Oh BhakthAs, who long to attain the Lotus Feet of this greatest 
Emperumaan! Stay at ThirunaRaiyoor, where great Chozha king was blessed at 
ThirunaRaiyoor, with what he wished for, who had ruled the world, and who 
had built seventy temples for Sivan, (who has eight shoulders; who has the 
mouth that utters Purushasooktham (to please Emperumaan). (means: Even after 
building them for Sivan, he got what he wished for after he reached 
ThirunaRaiyoor. What is that which can not be granted by Sivan? Simple. – 
that is mOksham- Srivaikunta vaasam- same as what ThiruvaLLuvar said “piRavi 
perunkadal neendhuvar; neendhaar- iRaivan adi sEraadhaar. Those who go to 
(surrender at) the Lord’s feet, will cross the ocean of births (samsaaram); 
those who don’t will not. Here the Lord naturally mens: Sriman Narayanan. 
Why? Read the pAsuram’s meaning again.)

9. Oh Devotees, who are desirous of listening to the greatness of 
Emmperumaan, who is the consort of Nappinannai PiraaTTi; who has got 
thousand divine names; who is praised even by sages like Sanakar; who is the 
Divine Consort of Periya PiraaTTi, seated on the Lotus flower; who stays at 
Srirangam in order to save everyone and remove all their thaapams! Stay at 
ThirunaRaiyoor, which was reached by the Chozha king who used to drive the 
chariot in the battle field killing his enemies victoriously; who was 
praised by one and all as the great king.

10. This ten is on the SarvEshawaran, the red (lotus) eyed Lord of 
ThirunaRaiyoor, where Vedic scholars reside permanently. It is composed by 
Kaliyan, who never speaks lies. (means: all that he said is Truth. sathyam.- 
because Vedhaas saathraas param naasthe na deivam Kesavaatha Param); this 
can give you blissful enjoyment if you sing and dance. Those who do that, 
will drive away and scare even the yama dhUthaas (the servants of Yama). 
They will be blessed to obtain the support and preethi (love) of 
Nithyasooris and also become jnAnis

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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