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appeal from Sri Ram Gopalaswamy for thadhIyaaraadhana kaimkaryams

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Oct 27 1999 - 03:25:29 PDT


Dear SrI mAdhavakkaNNan,

  If you can remember, this is Ram Gopalaswamy who used
to participate in bhakti list. aDiyEn is currently
living Chennai. aDiyEn is fortunate to have the
association of SrI C. Seshadri whom you may recognise.
He is a disciple of SrI u. vE. ananta-nRsimhAcArya of

SrI Seshadri used to live SrI Rangam several years ago and has
now moved to Chennai. The svami is relentlessly
engaged in promoting SrI svAmi dEsika darSanam as a
member of "Project Popularisation of Svami Desikan's Works".
which was founded with blessings from SrImad GopAla-dESika
mahAdESikan, the sadAcArya of SrI pauNDarIkapuram ANDavan ASramam.
and SrI u. vE. ananta nRsimhAcArya svAmi.

Also, as an active member of the Sri pAdukA sahasra
pArAyaNa sabha, he is currently trying to raise
funds for tadhyArAdhanams on kaisika dvAdaSi,
vaikuNTha dvAdasi pAraNais and on panguni uttaram days.

I will very much appriciate if you could kindly post
this appeal to the bhakti list, other lists where SrI vaishNava-s 

Ramkumar Gopalaswamy, phone# (44) 485-3742. chennai

PS: I'll be soon sending some pamplets from SrI Seshadri to
    my brother Vijay Kumar in Singapore. I will tell
    him to hand you some.



  Request for donations for tadhIyArAdhana kainkaryam-s
  on kaisika dvAdaSi, vaikuNTha dvAdaSi
  and panguni uttaram.

  SrImatE nigamAnta mahAdESikAya nama:
  SrImatE bhagavatE SrI bhAshyakAraya nama:
  SrI ranganAyikA samEta SrI ranganAtha parabrahmanE nama:
  SrI ranganAtha divyamaNi pAdukAbhyAm nama:

  Dear SrI vaishNava-s,

  With anugraham from the 45th paTTam SrImad azhagiya-singar,
  lady members of SrI pAdukA-sahasra pArAyaNa pracAra
  kainkarya sabhA of Chennai will be arranging
  tadhIrAdhanam-s on the following festive days:
     1.  kaisika dvAdaSi (November 20, 1999)
     2.  vaikuNTha dvAdaSi (December 20, 1999)  and
     3.  panguni uttaram (March 20, 2000)
  to serve bhAgavata-s visiting SrI-rangam to receive
  blessings from SrI-ranga divya dampatI-s on those days.

  The tadhIyArAdhanams will be served in SrI ahobila maTham
  located in kIzh-uttara vIdhi in SrI rangam.

  All SrI vaishNava bhAgavadottama-s are kindly requested
  to visit SrI-rangam and receive blessings from
  the SrI-ranga divya dampatI-s.

  We humbly request the kind-hearted SrI-vaishNava-s around
  the world to extend financial assistance however small it
  may be towards these tadhIyArAdhanams.
  Your contributions will definitely please SrI-ranganatha
  as doing bhAgavata-kainkaryam is the ultimate
  expression of the parama-purushArtha - serving bhagavAn
  SrIman nArAyaNa Himself, as emphasized by SrI thiruppAnAzhvAr
  - "aDiyArkennai ATpaDutta vimalam".

  Please send your checks, DD or MO  in favor of
  SrI C. Seshadri
  30, Vadivelpuram,
  West Mambalam,
  Chennai-600 033. India

  Thanking you,

  Your servants,
  Members of tadhIyArAdhanai commitee.

  1. SrI ananta nRsimhAcAri, SrI rangam
  2. SrI C. Seshadri, Chennai.    Phone# (44)  4747148
  3. SrI Devaki Seshasayi, 19/13, Thambia Rd, Chennai.
  4. SrI Babhu Krishnasvami, SrI rangam.

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