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Sribhasya 4.4.3
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 21:14:20 PDT

Dear devotees

Does anyone have the Sanskrit for Sri bhasya? I am looking for the Sanskrit 
for a word that appears in a quote from Saunaka in 4.4.3. I am unable to read 
my copy of the sloka as it appears in another book. The word in question is 
the first word of the second sloka with the question marks in it. Any help 

Thank you
Gerald Surya

yathA na kriyate jyot snA malaprakShAlanAnmaNeH |
doShaprahAnAt na j~nAnamAtmanaH kriyate tathA || 1 ||
yathodapAna??nanAt kriyate na jalAntaram |
sadeva nIyate vyaktimasataH sambhavaH kRtaH || 2 ||
tathA heyaguNadhvaMsAdabarodhAdayo guNaH |
prakAshyante na janyante nityA evAtmano hi te iti || 3 ||

'As by rubbing off the dust from a gem the light is not created in the gem, 
but the light which is the inherent attribute of the gem, manifests itself 
owing to the removal of the covering dust, similarly the intelligence of the 
soul manifests itself when the faults are  removed.  As by digging the earth, 
water comes out of a well, but is not created by the act of digging, 
similarly the soul manifests (vyaktimasataH sambhavaH)its intelligence when 
the layers of ignorance concealing it are removed; just as the  water of the 
spring bubbles up when the super-incumbent layers of earth are removed by 
digging.  In fact when the obscuring faults are destroyed, the innate 
qualities of the soul manifest (prakAshyante) themselves; they are not 
created (na janyante), because they are the eternal attibutes of the jiva.'"