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Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 11:48:24 PDT

		MahAnArAyaNOpanishat - mantra-1

		" ambhasya pArE bhuvanasya madhyE 
		  nAkasya prshTHE mahathO mahIyAn
		  shukRENa jyOthIgmSHi                  
		  prajApathihshcharathi garbHE anthah "

" The one who is greater than the great resides in the
vast ocean, in the   atmospheric region and on the
surface of the celestial abode, and having   entered
into the luminary bodies with his own light, this Lord
of people,   is moving within the hearts of all

In this section the supremacy of 'Sriman Narayana' who
is described in the previous section of the
'taittirIya' as 'anantha' or the infinite, is
expounded. This supreme Lord is showing himself
significantly in three places for blessing His
devotees. He is residing in the milky ocean.
'Bhuvanasya madhyE' means the orb of the sun. 'Naaka'
is the abode of the Lord that is never tainted with
sorrow. He is vaster than any vast entities like
'AkAsha'. He is illuminating with His brilliance all
luminaries like the sun, the ocean, the stars and
others. He is the one Lord of all beings in this
universe. Such a supreme Lord is residing in the
hearts of all beings as their inner-self.

The Lord resides in the milky ocean to become
accessible to the gods like Brahma, Indra and others.
He is residing in the 'AdityamaNdala', to enable the
devotees to meditate upon Him. The one who resides in
the 'AdityamaNdala' is the same as the one who resides
in the hearts of all people, as the inner controller.
Thus He makes Himself easily available to the
'upAsaka'. He is in His own form in His eternal abode,
Sri Vaikunta, granting the bliss of his communion to
the liberated. The term 'prajApathi' used in this
manthra signifies Sriman Narayana as described in the
Mahabharatha -

	      " rAjAdhirAjassarvEshAm vishNuhu brahmamayO
		Ishwaram tham vijAnImaha sapithA saprajApathihi "

Thus, this manthra expounds the supremacy and
accessibility of Sriman Narayana the supreme self.

		MahAnArAyaNOpanishat - mantra-2
        	" yasminnidagm sancha vichaithi sarvam
		  yasmin dEvA adhivishvE niSHEduhu
		  tadEvabhUtham tadu bhavyamA idam
		  tadakSHarE paramE vyOman "

" That into which all this enters at the time of
dissolution and from which  all this becomes
differentiated at the time of creation, and that in
which all Gods find refuge, is that which verily was
in the past, and will be in the future. That supreme
is residing in His supreme abode that is    
immutable. "

This manifested universe of names and forms which is
in the gross state becomes one with the supreme
principle at the time of dissolution. These will be
existing in a subtle form inseparable from the Supreme
Being at that time. In the causal state Brahman alone
exists being characterized by the 'chit' and the
'achit' in the subtle state. In the state of effect
also Brahman alone exists being characterized by the
'chit' and the 'achit' in the gross state. Brahman
alone is the cause of this universe. It is both the
material cause as well as the instrumental cause. The
'chit' and the 'achit' that form the body of the
universe undergo change in creation. The 'achit'
undergoes transformation and assumes different forms
and names. There is change in the expansion and
contraction of the 'dharma bhUtha j~nAna' in respect
of the 'chit'. In both the states the supreme remains
immutable and pure. In fact Brahman qualified by
'chit' and 'achit' is the only entity that exists at
all times past, present and future. 'ParamE vyOman'
means the 'parama pada' or the Supreme Abode of the
Lord Sriman Narayana. He is the one refuge of all

This manthra declares that Brahman alone is the cause
of this universe and that the 'chit' and 'achit' are
it's inseparable attributes and that Brahman is the
sole refuge of all this universe.



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