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re: a small clarification

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 12:08:41 PDT

Note for Sri.Sheshadri Ranganathan:

Re: Your question which type of person will be
liberated, I think both will be liberated.

The best answers to your questions may be lying in 3
stanzas (30-32) of the 9th chapter of the
Bhagavath-Gita where Bhagawan SriKrishna paramAtmA
tells Arjuna:

"api chEthsudarAcharO BhajathE mAmanannyaBhAk I
SADhurEva sa manthavyaha samyagavyavasitO hi saha I"

"Even if the most sinful man worships Me with
undivided devotion he must be regarded as holy, for he
has rightly resolved."
(In the "gitAbhashya" udayavar clearly states that
such a person (sinful though he may be and
irrespective of his birth or position in life, now or
previous births) is deemed as worshipper of Vishnu
(i.e. SriVaishnavan). Why so?  The reason is because
he has rightly resolved and he is on the right
direction in life.)

Krishna also says:
"kshipram bhavati dharmAtmA shasvacchAntim nigacchati
kountEya pratijAneehi na may bhaktaha praNashyati II

"Such a person quickly (in this life itself, why talk
about the next one?) becomes righteous and obtains
lasting peace. Affirm on my behalf, Arjuna, my devotee
will never perish."
(Here bhagawan makes it abundantly clear that His
devotee will never come to grief even though he may
have been or may be tarnished by some misconduct in
the past.)

Sri.Krishna finally proclaims, firmly and

"mAm hi pArtha vyapAsrithya yE'api syu: pApayOneyaha I
striyO vaishyAstathA shudrAstE'api yAnti parAm gatim

"By taking refuge in me even men of low or evil birth
attain the supreme state."

By the above adiyen feels that both type of persons
you mention in your question will surely attain



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