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Challenge 3.16: "BE TRUTHFUL TO YOURSELF!"
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 07:31:11 PDT

SwAmi VEdAnta DEsika's "NaichyAnusanthAnam" and 
"SAtvika AhamkAram "
(As gleaned from his StOtras.) - 
Dear Bhagavatas
Kindly refer to "Part 3 - SWAMI CHALLENGES! An Introductory Note" - posted on 
10th October 99. I am leaving out this to avoid repetition You may read that 
to appreciate this 
posting in the proper perspective. 
Anbil Ramaswamy
Challenge 3.16: "BE TRUTHFUL TO YOURSELF!"
nirvisyamAna vibhavam nigamOtthamAngaih:
sthOthum kshamAm mama cha dEvapathE! bhavantham /
gAvah: pibhanthu gaNasah: kalasAmbhu rAsim
kim thEna tharNaka gaNAs thruNam AathadhAnAh: //


"Oh! DeivanAyaka!
Even AdhisEsha, GaruDa and other Nityasooris are not able to know the extent 
of your glory. Those who do Bhakti yoga with great effort also see only a 
tiny fraction of this.

This being the case, a small fry that I am, I desire to enjoy praising you. 
And, you have to fulfill this desire of mine!

You know why? 

You are known as "aDiyavarkku meyyan" which means "One who is truthful to his 
And, I am your devotee.

If you care to live up to this honorific, better be truthful to me and 
fulfill my desire.

Let me also tell you something:

When cows on the shores of the milky ocean drink copiously and fill their 
bellies with nectar, the infant calves cannot be expected to ingest that 
much. As 'just born', they can drink only a small quantity to the best of 
their limited capacity. 

But, one thing is certain.
They will never ever turn to other edibles, even grass.

Similarly, because my capacity is limited, I can sing what best I can but it 
will be ONLY ON YOU and on nothing else. It is now for you to make it 


"gAvah:" is said to refer to AchAryas- 
cf. "anreenra kanrukku irangum kAmadhEnuvaip pOl).

The message is that the fact that we are not able to reach up to the level of 
perfection of our role models need not depress us. It would be OK with the 
Lord, if only we do our very best with utmost sincerity, each according to 
his/her capacity. All that is required is sincere effort.

The implication is that if we do our duty -
"each according to capacity, the Lord will grant each according to our needs".
Does it sound like the slogan of the Communists?
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