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devatas and wives: A question

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 05:53:54 PDT

Dear Sirs,
Going through some old archives of bhakti-archives I
came across post of one member from which I learnt,
for first time, that "aiyO" is the name of Lord Yama's

Sir, I am having one small related doubt.

Whenever we do 'yagnyam' or 'homam' we consign 'havis'
into 'agni' (fire) by invoking the concerned 'devata'
(like Vishnu, Varuna, Indra etc.) to the chant of

What is the exact connotation of "svAha-a"?

I heard that "svAha-a" is the name of the spouse of
"agni-devata". Is this true or not?

If true then I make bold to say that "agni" bhagvan is
very good, obedient and wife-fearing 'devata' who will
accept 'havis' for delivery to other 'devatas' only
with concurrence of his ever-present wife.

Since "svAha-a" is always accompanying "agni", maybe
that is why when we perform "yagnya-kAryam", we also
are required to have our respective "dharma-patni-s"
alongside? Our offerings to "devatas" through
"agni-bhagavan" has to be first "screened" by
Mrs.'agni-bhagavan' and our wives are needed to act as
her counterparts?

Can someone knowledgeable in these matters please
offer some explanations?



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