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From: roberto fantechi (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 02:52:43 PDT

Dear Friends,
on reading the many messages  receive through Mani's kindness I get the
impression that my question does not quite fit your general interests; but I
will try.
As a Western student of Vedanta I would like to know whether any attempt has
been made, in the course of the development of Indian Philisophy, to
reconcile Sankaracarya's (kevala)advaita and Ramanuja's (visishta)advaita.
Both are "advaita" to me, and I feel that a common ground should be found.
Radhakrishan (in his Indian Philosophy) states his opinion that the two are
complementary, but does not develop the statement.
Can anybody suggest me anything?
Roberto Fantechi