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Periya Thirumozhi 6.5- paarai oorum bhaaram theerap paarthan thErai oorum Devan

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 03:49:26 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr who had entered into ThirunaRaiyoor, fearing and running away from 
women, enjoys the Lord of ThirunaRaiyoor, showing Himself so beautifully and 
gracefully at this charming Divya Desam, along with his Divine Consort 
permanently in this yet another excellent ten.

1. The SarvEshwaran, who had churned stirring the Milky Ocean 
(ThiruppaaRkadal), the One who took out the nectar (amudham) from there and 
distributed to Devas, and removed their fear, the One who is ParanjOthi, who 
has the ChakrA in His resplendent right Hand, and Conch shell in His left 
Hand. Such greatest Lord stays in this Divya Desam of ThirunaRaiyoor, 
wherein truthful, brahmin scholars live.

2. The Lord, who appeared as the lustrous huge, Narasingan and tore open the 
strong chest of hiraNyan, with His sharp, shining nails, into two pieces, 
and who helped Prahaladan mercifully then and there; is staying at this 
Divya Desam of ThirunaRaiyoor, which is full of jsu bloomed fresh flower 
filled gardens and cuckoos peck and play with tender mango leaves of 
pregnant mango tree (i.e. full of ripened mangoes) .

3. The horses, elephants, chariots, army men, - were all effortlessly 
destroyed at lankA, including lankA itself by Sri Ramapiraan, who stays here 
at ThirunaRaiyorr, where tortoises grab the fishes (in the fields) and while 
the fishes slip out of them, they do not come due to their fear of being 
caught the by the farmers who plough the lands.

4. The Lord, who is such a Sowlabhyan of being caught red handed stealing 
the butter and showed Himself so charmingly, with quivering lips, for being 
tied with a rope around His waist, the One who killed effortlessly the seven 
bulls for the most fragrant haired Nappinnai PiraaTTi.  He stays here at 
this ThirunaRiyoor Divya Desam, where the lovely peacocks dance and the 
beautiful lotus flowers just bloom, on which the bees hum and sing merrily.

5. The SarvEshawaran, who killed seven bulls, the lovely darling of tender, 
beuatiful Nappinnai PiraaTTi, the One who crawled in between the two marudha 
trees; stays here at ThirunaRaiyoor Divya Desam, where the charming 
beautiful swans walk along with their mates, behind the beautiful women, 
(and imitate their walks, behind their backs), felling shy for not being 
able to do juctice to their miming.. (What great AzhwAr’s poetic 

6. The One who drank the poisonous milk of Poothanai and drank her life too; 
the One who killed the kuvalayaapeetam elephant, (at the entrance of 
kamsan’s palace); stays here at this ThirunaRaiyoor Divya Desam, where swans 
drink honey from dark “neydhal” flowers and sleep on lotus flowers.

7. The Lord, the Most merciful (KaNNan) who was taught and given the 
saasthras and upaveedham by the teacher Saantheepini, and got back his 
(teacher’s) son; stays at this Divya Desam of ThirunaRaiyoor, where the 
birds that live in the holes of tree branches fly long distance and pick the 
snails for their little ones.

8.  The Lord, the Pristinely purest Lord, who enabled Arjunan complete the 
battle to fulfil his vow, who drove the chariot for Arjunan and destroyed 
Jayathradhan, (the king of Sindhu desam); who simply devastated the vyUham 
of opponent for helping Arjunan stays at ThirunaRaiyoor Divya Desam, where 
the lotus flower drop their honey from their flowers when the cranes along 
with their mates drink honey from there along with the big fishes in their 

9. “paarai oorum bhaaram theerap paartthanthan/ thErai oorum Deva Devan 
sErum oor”  The One who drove the chariot for Paartthan (Arjunan) to reduce 
the burden for the mother earth; the chief of Devas; KaNNan stay at Divya 
Desam of ThirunaRaiyoor, where cranes loiter in the beautiful fertile 
fields. .

10. ThirunaRiyoor is blessed to have the Lord, SarvEshwaran, who has the 
thuLasi crown on His head; the Most wonderful Lord. This place is surrounded 
by huge palatial buildings. This ten (on this Divya Desam of ThirunaRaiyoor 
is composed by Kaliyan, who has sharp spear in his hand. Those who read this 
ten, will HAVE AT ALL TIMES, Sriman NARAYANAN as their protector and 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madahavakkannan

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