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Challenge 3.14: "NO BIG DEAL!"
Date: Sun Oct 24 1999 - 10:38:51 PDT

SwAmi VEdAnta DEsika's "NaichyAnusanthAnam" and 
"SAtvika AhamkAram "
(As gleaned from his StOtras.) - 
Dear Bhagavatas
Kindly refer to "Part 3 - SWAMI CHALLENGES! An Introductory Note" - posted on 
10th October 99. I am leaving out this to avoid repetition You may read that 
o appreciate this posting in the proper perspective. 
Anbil Ramaswamy

Challenge 3.14: "NO BIG DEAL!"

PrahlAda gOkula gajEndra pareekshit Adhayah
ThrAthasya tvayA nanu vipathishu thAdriseeshu /
Sarvam tadh Ekam aparam mama rakshaNam thE
SanthOlyathAm tridasanAyaka kim gareeyah://
(Sri DEvanAyaka PanchAsat SlOkam 50)


"Oh! DeivanAyaka!
Let me chronicle some of your so-called accomplishments:

1)  When prahlAda was tortured by his cruel father, HiraNyakasipu, you 
appeared as Nrisimha and protected him to prove his words true  (about your 

2)  When Indra rained storms on the poor cowherds angered by their offering 
puja to Govardhana giri (and that at your behest), you lifted the mountain 
with your little finger and protected them for a whole week until Indra 

3)  When the crocodile caught the foot of GajEndra, (when it cried out 
calling you "AdhimoolamE"), you saved the pachyderm from the clutches of the 
amphibian beast.

4)  When Statham turned the fetus in the womb of Utharai into a log of 
charcoal,   (as 'pAnDava pakshapAdhi'), you dispatched your Chakrayudham to 
protect the fetus, which subsequently bloomed at birth as Prince Pareekshith.

Now, put all these on one side of scale and put the task of saving me (who 
always indulges in anti-Sastra-c activities) on the other.

You can see for yourself which side is weightier. Surely, you will find 
protecting me more insuperable compared to all the accomplishments in these 
other instances.

Also, it is no big deal, because at some stage or other each one of them 
would have adopted some "UpAyam" to deserve your "UpakAram".

But see my case! I have not done anything good at any time whatsoever.
You will be convinced that by saving me, you can derive the satisfaction of 
having achieved the greatest of your accomplishments.

What are you waiting for?"


SwAmi seems to suggest that the Lord has to take extra effort in his case 
while it was no big deal for Him, protecting others because in each case 
cited, he had some extenuating circumstance for Him to intervene or some 
vested interest in saving them.

1.  In the case of prahlAda, he came out of the pillar to prove His own 
2.  In the case of gOkulavAsis, it was because of his direction that they 
stopped offering prayers to Indra and therefore He had the need to protect 
3.  In the case of GajEndra, it was because more than its own life, the 
elephant was concerned about offering the flower at His feet before it faded 
and the Lord had to rush especially when it appealed with a cry of distress.
4.  In the case of Utharai, it is well known that He was an avowed "PanDava 
PakshapAthi"- eternal, inalienable well-wisher of the PanDavas.

SwAmi seems to ask, "So, what is the big deal in saving them" and contrasts 
his own pitiable plight, which entitles him to the Lord's protection. 

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