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RE: Introduction to MahAnArAyaNOpanishat by Dr.NSA

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 15:04:13 PDT

I am delighted to see this work on Mahanarayanopanisad.  If I remember 
right I have never seen an english work on Mahanarayana from the 
visistadvaitic perspective.  Bhagavatas on this net should store this 
series separately for study and contemplation.  With due respects to all 
sources of knowledge in different languages,  Upanisads are the real heavy 
stuff.  Once a person gets hooked to this type of philosophy, anything else 
light just does not make it!. In fact the knowledge of Upanisads makes the 
anubhavams of Naalayiram even more enchanting to the devoted.

Inspite of the difficulties in typing this matter up,  I request these 
grandchildren of Dr. NS to type them up quickly and send them to this group 
as a bhagavatkainkaryam.  I am sure many sattvikas will make use of this 
kainkaryam.  Incidentally, some of the people on this net in India have the 
original Dr. N.S right with you in Bangalore.  We have to be content with 
whatever is written from the store house of thoughts of this great guru of 

Adiyen is enjoying sribhasya cassettes from Dr. NS in addition to 
Rahasyatrayasaram and so many other works.  It was so kind of him to have 
given this undeserving person such a rich treasure.  I guess people in 
India sometimes may not value the divine time they can have with learned 
acharyas and pundits.  Atleast for me here in US,  this feeling of loss of 
contact with such great gurus is really significant and at times 


adiyen Krishna