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RE: Looking for Sri Vaishnavites in the Bay Area
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 12:45:49 PDT

Sri Raamajayam
Srimathe Gopaaladesika Mahaadesikaya Namaha

Dear Bhagavathaas,
                  Today is Parivarthana Ekadasi, Iyppasi Sathayam, 
Thirunakshathiram of Sri Peyaazhvaar.  On this auspicious day, I 
would request Sri Vaishnavites in the Bay Area to come-together &
participate in Sri Vaishnava Sathsangam in the Bay Area, in the lines of 
NAMA Simhapuri(Singapore).
All of us meet every month to celebrate Azhvaar/Perumaal/Thayaar 
Thirunakshathiram with,
1.Thaniyangal, Thiruppalliezhucchi, Thiruppavai, Amalanaadhipiraan 
& other verses from Nityanusanthaanam-45 min
2.Azhvaar/Perumaal Divya Charithram/Leela read out by kids - 15 min
3.A short discourse on a relevant Sri Vaishnava topic by Adult 
member/s - 30min
4.Thaligai Samarpanam, Sweeharam of the Prasadam and brief 
socializing - 15 min
5.Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam - 15 min
It would not be out of place to mention, that NAMA Simhapuri is so 
successful, that there are weekly congregation in good numbers at 
Srinivasa Perumaal temple there, in addition to the monthly celebrations.  
In addition there are special events celebrating Azhvaar/Acharya/Perumaal, 
Visiting Bhagavathaas, Congregating to hear TeleUpanyaasam of our Acharyas, 
Sthothra paada Thittam, which all have been so successful in not only 
moulding Iyengars(Children & Adults), in addition the message has reached 
across other communities that many of them are eager to perform 

Please send an email to Smt.Sumati Srinivasan(, to join 
Bay Area Sri Vaishnava Sathsangam.  

Acharya/Emperumaanar/Azhvaar/Perumaal Thiruvadigalay Charanam.


Sudarsana Dasosmi