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Periya Thirumozhi 6.4- why do you come coughing to us, you, oldie?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 02:03:21 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

(Thanks very much for Sri Sadagopan’s encouraging words on adiyEn’s ramble. 
If at all anything is found good, it is Thirumangai mannan’s powerful words 
that creep in (inadvertantly) in my translations. ).
AzhwAr is not able to wait any further longing for Parama padham. He decides 
to enjoy the Divya Desams, till then like a thirsty person looks for 
“thaNNeer pandhal” (a small hut, where volunteers serve water for 
pilgrims..). AzhWar addresses his mind “Let us enjoy the Divya Desams like 
ThirunaRaiyoor.. There is never a permanent constant pleasure from women.. “ 
He describes very beautifully the transitory illusory sensual pleasures.  
AzhwAr calls his mind and requests it to come with him to ThirunaRaiyoor.

1. When the body gets completely worn out (at old age) and when the eyes are 
filled with dirt (peeLai), and lose their eyesight, (due to ageing), when 
the throat is filled with phlegm with thunderous intermittent coughs, the 
women, who speak sweetly (as their illusory sweet voice appears to 
youngster’s ears), advise you mockingly, “ (.. thaatthaa!).. go slowly.. ”. 
Before they do that, oh mind! Get up. (i.e. Before we get old) Let us 
proceed to ThirunaRaiyoor, and pay obeisance to the Lord there, where 
SarvEshwaran, (who is worshipped by Vedas and with Yaagams, and who has the 
huge mountains and the vast skies as His possessions), stays permanently.

2. Before the fragrant haired young women ask us “Why did you come to us, 
with such continuous coughs, and phlegm?” and mock at us collectively, oh 
mind! Come. Let us proceed to ThirunaRaiyoor, and hold on to Him, (who has 
under His control, the moon, the sun, the air, the fire etc.., and who is 
the Param jyOthi, who is our Swami)who stays there.

3. Before those young women collectively tease us saying “yOv! PeriyavarE! 
Why are you looking at us and our alankaram (dressing or make-up), even 
after you get so old?”, all that we need to do is: oh mind! Come to 
ThirunaRaiyoor, and let us pay our obeisance and salutations to Him (who 
stands here willingly to bless the Chozha king, whose arrogance and 
ahankaram had been tamed by Him and paid his (king’s) obeisance with folded 
hands to this SarvEshawaran).

4. Oh mind! Before those young women of narrow tender waist (which conquers 
over even the creeper), push us out and shut their entrance doors, all that 
we need to do is: proceed to most beautiful and most fertile land of 
ThiruNaraiyoor, and pay obeisance to our Lord, (nampan) (whom we adore and 
desire), who stays permanently there.

5.  Young deer, fish, spear, the beautiful pond, - all of these have been 
conquered by those young women’s eyes, and before such women (who had 
earlier “pretended to be having” affection towards us), with words full of 
“kapatam” (not straight forward?), mock at us and abandon us, oh mind! Let 
us go to ThirunaRaiyoor (which is full of most beautiful fields) and pay our 
obeisance to that place which can grant good that we wish for.

6.  The lightning like narrow waist-lined women, whose earlier love (for us) 
are now found missing, and further tease asking “why do you come coughing to 
us, you, oldie?”. Before they do that, let us pay our obeisance, oh mind, to 
that most charming fertile, ThirunaRaiyoor Divya Desam, where the Lord, who 
(through Hanumaan) ignited ocean surrounded lankA with fire, stays 

7. The bow like foreheaded women, change their earlier desire to dislike 
towards us, due to our ageing and mock / tease saying “this oldie (kizham) 
is “pollaadhavan” and craves for women; now he has worn out completely. 
(“thiraindhaan”.)”. before we listen to all these mockery (before getting 
old), all that we need to do is, “oh mind, let us pay our obeisance to 
ThirunaRaiyoor, where Vedic scholars and virtuous people live in reciting 
Vedas and spread saasthras to the whole world.

8. The sword like beautiful eyed women, who had earlier considered those men 
as “manmathan” (cupid) are now addressing them saying to other women, “this 
old guy- with such phlegm, why is he here? Ask him.”.  Before that happens, 
oh mind! Let us pay our salutations to ThirunaRaiyoor daily in which, at all 
times, the ArAdhanam and festivities through Yaagams are witnessed and 

9. Women of bimbha fruit like lips, drop their love (desire) for us and we 
start walking with hunch backs and with the support of walking stick. Before 
that happens, oh mind! Let us pay our obeisance to the blessed Divya Desam 
of ThirunaRaiyoor where SarvEshawaran (who had removed the disease of cool 
lustrous moon), who stays there permanently .

10. This ten is on the appeal to the mind saying “oh mind! Let us pay our 
salutation to ThirunaRaiyoor, before the moon like foreheaded women start 
disliking us and mock at us (for our old age). This is composed by 
Thirumangai Kaliyan, who has sharp blood stained spear in his hand. Those 
who recite them without fail, will be praised by one and all and rule Sri 

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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