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Upadesa ratinamalai

From: Velukkudi Krishnan (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 11:47:18 PDT

Fm: Velukkudi Krishnan
21st Oct 99.

Dear Bhagavatotamas,
It is a great and welcome effort to give the meanings of the MM's master 
piece - URM. It was moving to note the greatness of Perialwar. MM has 
submitted 5 pasurams in praise of Perialwar and tiruppallandu. It is said 
that in the first thousand starting from tiruppallandu to amalanadipiran - 
the prabandhams give the meaning of OM - pranavam.
Kanninunsiruthambu gives the meaning of Namaha - the middle word in 
tirumandiram. The rest of the prabandhams give the meaning of Narayanaya the 
last word in tirumandiram.

As OM is recited at the beginning and end of veda, so is tiruppalandu at the 
beginning and end of dravida veda. (It would be interesting to note that in 
Melkote , the seva kalam starts with kanninunsiruthambu instead of 
tiruppalandu). Tiruppallandu is Prapya pradhana - mangalasasana as prapyam 
(mainly talks about what we achieve of attain) and so is tirumandiram - 
prapya pradhana.

Namaha is the middle word - Sri Bhattar says "mantra brahmani madhyamena 
namasa..."  . The inner meaning of namaha is bhagavata seshatva and 
paratantryam which is the same in kanninunsirutambu.

The rest talk about narayanaya - almost the last prabandham (madal)gives it 
as "narayana O! manivanna naganayay"

MM has strangely praised both nammalwar and perialwar as unequalled. "Undo 
satakoparkopporuvar" and "undo perialwarkkopporuvar". We can only say they 
both are "equal" in their "unequalled excellence".

Manavala mamunigal tiruvadigale saranam

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