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From: sampath kumar (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 10:58:19 PDT

adiyen forgot to tell that on ayudha-puja day in
addition to reciting "shodashAyudha-stortra" of Swami
Desikan adiyen also thinking it appropriate to recite
Vishnu-sahasranamam because whole of 1000 names is
actually in praise of Lord who is wielder of all
"ayudhA-s". That is why at the end of Sahasranamam
there is one phrase:

"rathanga-pani-akshobya sarva-praharana-ayudhaha"
      sri sarva-praharana-ayudha-om-nama-ithi "

So best way to celebrate ayudha-puja adiyen is
thinking is by reciting Sahasranamam.

Only Lakshmi-nrsimhan is best suited to get the nAma
of "sarva-praharana-ayudhaha", adiyen learnt.

So adiyen is thinking that indirectly and in
roundabout way, ayudha-puja is puja to
Lakshminarasimhan also.

AdiYen do not know if this is correct. Scholar members
I do not know what they think.



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