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Re: Sri Manavala Mamuni's Works

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 13:40:23 PDT

Dear Sriman Bharat : I am delighted to receive your note.
Untilnow adiyEn did not have the BhAgyam of reading 
the full text of the Moving Aarthi prabhandham of
Sri MaNavALa MaamunigaL .AdiyEn was aware of 
bits and pieces from this marvellous Prabhandham .

After I received your note , adiyEn had access to 
the Full text with the help of Sri VenaktEsah
Elayavalli through the remarable home pages of 
Sri vaishNavA Universe that he maintains with
such devotion and care . 

AdiyEn was immensely moved by the NaicchAnusandhAnam 
of this great AchAryA , His total devotion for 
Acharya RaamAnujA and his soul stiriing plea as 
an Aarthi prapannA . AdiyEn said to myself ,
what a durbhAgyam it was to have been ignorant 
about this timeless prabhandham . 

As pointed out by yourself , the Tamil poetic meters 
chosen for the Paasurams ( nErisai VeNNpaa , 
yeNN sIrAsiriya Viruttham ,KattaLaik KalitthuRai ,
PathinAnku sIrAsiriya Viruttham,
Panniru sIrkkazhi NedilAsiriya Viruttham and
YeNN sIrkkazhi nedilAsiriya Viruttham )
fit so very well with the increasing mood
of Aarthi and despair to receive the anugraham 
of AchArya RaamAnujA .Sri MM is an embodiment of
Achaarya Bhakthi . His NaicchAnusandhAnam is indeed
our NithyAnusandhAnam as pointed out by yourself
so very precisely .

AdiyEn knows that Sri Anbil Ramaswamy is preparing 
an article on this prabhandham for the Souvenir of 
'the forthcoming celebrations of Sri ManavALa Maamuni's
Thirunakshathram at the Livermore temple ( Nov 13-14).
AdiyEn  very much looks forward to reading the text
of that article prior to adding adiyEn's anubhavam .
AdiyEn has also requested Sri  Thirumalai AanathanpiLLai
Srinivasan of Kaanchipuram , a devout scholar of 
Sri maNavAla Maamuni's prabhandhams to bless us with
a posting on Aarthi prabhandham. 

With Best wishes,
adiyEn , V.Sadagopan  

At 01:10 PM 10/19/99 +0530, you wrote:
>In this proper context adiyen would also  like to 
>mention a third work of Sri MM which has been an unexcelled
>source of solace and pleasure thro the years:His
>Arthi Prabandham.The reason is not far to seek.It is a
>most direct appeal by one of the greatest commentators
>in Tamil known for the clarity and felicity of his
>language,to THE greatest of all AchAryas anywhere anytime.
>And it is also the ultimate receptacle of his humility
>(NaichyAnusandhAnam),where he prays for still greater
>humility "equal to that of Sri KoorattAzhwAn and Sri
>Bhattar put together"! The Prabandham when composed by
>Sri Manavala Mamuni may constitute NaichyAnusandhAnam,
>but when people like aDiYEn say it it constitutes nothing
>but absolute truth and hence is a must for NityAnusandhAnam.
>The beauty of the concepts which arise in each
>stanza and the music of the metres used by Sri MM
>"Sankara-BAkkara-YAdava-BhATTa-PirabhAkarar tangaL matam
> SAyvuRa vAdiyar mAyguvarenRu SadumaRai vAzhndiDu nAL
> Vengali ingini vIRu namakkilai enRu migattaLarnAL.. etc"
>"Tennarangar SIraruLukkilakkAga pppeRROm
> Tiruvarangam tiruppaDiYE iruppAga pppeRROm
> Manniya SIr mARan kalai uNavAga pppeRROm
> Madurakavi SoRpaDiyE nilaiyAga  pppeRROm  ...etc"
>simply cry out for the poem to be read aloud.
>One hopes Sri SaDagopan will add this also to his
>list sometime.
>EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!