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RE: Salutations to Saraswati and Hayagriva

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Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 17:32:40 PDT


Dear Sri Mani,

Thanks for a beautiful, crisp short write up on Saraswati Pooja.
You had asked as to how we celebrate at our respective homes.
>From my grand father's days (as far as I remember), we celebrate by
keeping our respective books, (be it school books, or sthOthra books)
on a wooden plank, (along with other kolu pommai), and recite (all of us) 
Swamy Desikan's Hayagriva sthOthram. When we are about to finish, 
with the recitation of ..vyaakhyaa mudraam... camphor is lit and offered.
This is after Thiruvaaraadhanam and there is a "sakkarai pongal" offering
 to Saraswati/Hayagrivan. 

Evening on the same day, again a recitation of Hayagriva sthOthram 
(after sandyavandhanam) and milk is offered. This is called "punar pooja" by
my father.

On Vijayadasami day (the next day after Saraswati pooja), the recitation of 
Sri Hayagriva sthOthram, vyaakhyaa mudram and kadalai paruppu suNdal (being 
Hayagrivan) is offered.

All of us at home read or respective books immediately after pooja, (just a
from each book), so that we get to start with His blessings.

The same day, we go to our teacher (be in school teacher or Veda teacher)
prostrate (sevvicchufy) with fruits and little money (as dakshinai). We
follow this even
today at our homes.

The same day, we begin to learn a new Swamy Desikan sthOthram or any other
or Pancha sookthams or whatever from our grandfather. At our homes, the kids
admitted to school on this day. 

(Incidentally, Sri Poundarikapuram Andavan
has instructed my father(who has been doing Veda parayanam at ashramam 
both in mornings and evenings for an hour) to start teaching small boys (who
 had their upanayanam) Purusha sooktham from today being Vijaya dasami.)


Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva ParabrahmaNE Namah:

Narayana Narayana
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