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Re: Periya Thirumozhi 6.3- maRRumOr Deivam eNNEn! Deivam piRidhu aRiyEn!

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 05:07:17 PDT

Dear Sri MadhavakkaNNan :

What a wonderful set of translations 
of Kaliyan's address to the Lord of 
the place of my birth ! 

I place on record here my deep felt thanks
for your  moving , powerful and
Bhakthi-filled translation to  
Tann oppArillappan , ThiruviNNagar 
ThirumArbhan .

Thanks very much for inviting the attention 
of fellow bhakthAs to the Home pages of
Sri Oppilaappan .

May the paripUrNa anugraham of the divya dampathis
be with you always for the blessed kaimkaryam 
that you are doing tirelessly for many months now.
The postings on Yennappan ( ThiruviNNagar Serntha appan )
are the crux for me .

With best wishes,

 03:27 AM 10/19/99 PDT, you wrote:
>Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
>AzhwAr surrendered to than oppaaril appan, Oppiliappan PerumAL of 
>ThiruviNNagaram Divya Desam, saying “I do not wish to live in this world. 
>Please take me to Your Feet!”. Emperumaan, the most merciful and most 
>compassionate, gives the Jivan yet another chance to check if he really 
>wants to get rid of the bhandham. AzhwAr bursts out with his dislike and nit 
>wanting the worldly pleasures(?) and the intense, urgency of his (tvarai) 
>for reaching Paramapadham to serve Him eternally at His lotus Feet. The last 
>ten on Oppiliappan.
>1. thuRappEn allEn; inbham thuRavaadhu nin uruvam*/ maRappEn allEn enRum 
>maRavaadhu* yaan ulagil/ piRappEnaaga eNNEn PiRavaamaip peRRandhu* nin 
>thiRatthEn aanathanamaiyaal ThiruviNNagaraanE!…. (What a beautiful pAsuram!) 
>Oh ThiruviNNaraga perumAnE! I will never ever afford to leave this pleasure 
>(bliss) of enjoying You. Hence, I will never ever forget the beautiful 
>Divine form of Yours at all times. By thus not forgetting Your form, I will 
>never be born again. I am blessed (with this no- birth status)  de to Your 
>“krupai” on me, making me a sEshabhUthan (servant) for You.
>2. ThirumaalE! ThiruviNNagaraanE! Oh Emperumaane! The One who eagerly awaits 
>the time to grant Your grace to the beings, as a Dharma swarUpi, and as 
>Parama kaaruNyan! The relation with these worldly human beings living in 
>this world, and the desire and hatred towards them- I have cut off and 
>detached myself from these and hence I am blessed to perform kaimkaryam at 
>Your Lotus Feet. I am blessed to retain You, the Biggest One, in my heart 
>without ever separating Yourself from me.
>3. “maanEy nOkku nallar mathipOl magatthu ulavaum/ oonEy kaNvaaLik kudaindhu 
>Ottandhu unnai adaindhEn/ kOnE! KuRungudiuL kuzhagaa! ThirunaRaiyoor thEnE! 
>Varupunalsoozh ThiruviNNagaraanE! ……… (What a Tamil!) KurungudiyuL kuzhagaa! 
>The Sowlabhya Lord of Thirukkurungudi! The Honey of Thirunaraiyoor! (So 
>sweet!) ThiruvinnagaraanE! My Swami! The deer- eyed women, whose eyes are on 
>their moon-like faces, are made of flesh (maamisam- oon), blood and wires.. 
>(nerves). Those eyes are chasing me as arrows, due to which I come running- 
>rushing  (Ottandhu) to You and surrendering to You.
>4.  ThiruviNNagaraanE! The One who always does good to me! (puNNiyanE!). 
>Till now, I immersed myself in the flood of sensual pleasures, hugging the 
>shoulders of young women, who have sandal smeared tender breasts, and due to 
>which I was deeply trapped in the scorching hell of this samsaaric worldly 
>life. Now, I have been blessed to come to You, considering Your Lotus Feet 
>alone as the means. By doing that, I am able to get rid of all my sins. 
>Then, I have reached You.
>5. “maRROr Deivam eNNEn unnai en manatthUl vaiithup/ peRREn peRRadhum 
>piRavaamai Emperumaan!/”…… (Assertive TRUTH!).. Oh ThiruviNNagaraanE! The 
>Most victorious Lord! the One who killed rAvaNan, the king of lankA 
>(surrounded by ocean)! I will never ever consider anyone else (any other 
>demi-god) except You as the God, as my refuge! My Swami! (due to that) I am 
>blessed with the greatest to retain and have You stay in my heart. That is 
>the blissful “piRavaamai” (due to this, I will never ever be born). (means: 
>Just simply consider Sriman Narayanan, as the ONLY GOD. That is adequate..- 
>same has been told by Thirumazhisai AzhwAr is Naammukhan Thiruvandhaadhi- 
>no. 68  Yama, the demigod of death, Dharma raajan, the one who doesn’t 
>differentiate between people, and does his dharmic action of judgement 
>unbiased, called his servants and workers (yamakinkarars) and said “Listen 
>to me! This is a standing order and a secret. Never disobey this. Anyone, 
>who does not worship other demigods, has realised the Parathvam. Even if 
>they forget to utter the divine name of Narayanan (at the time of his 
>death), still, be soft towards him; Don’t be cruel and punish him; pay 
>obeisance to him. He has to be respected.  )
>6. ThiruviNNagaraanE! The dark collyrium like oceans, the earth, the earth’s 
>jewels- the mountains, the Moon and the Sun- are all Your servants- You are 
>Sarva sEshi (the Chief Master of all). I, who have been blessed to consider 
>(or have realised) You as my sEshi- have realised the way to get saved. 
>Thus, having realised this, I will never ever consider any one else as God. 
>(uyym vagai uNarndhEn; maRROr Deivam piRidhu aRiyEn ThiruviNNagaraanE!)
>7. (DO NOT MISS TO READ THIS!) “maRROr deivam thEREn unnai allaal 
>ThiruviNNagaraanE!”… Oh Lord of ThiruviNNAgaram! AdiyEn- Your servant, has 
>got one other more thing to say.  Without letting me elaborate further, You 
>should bless me with this plea of mine and take it to Your mind. (Listen..) 
>I WILL NEVER EVER UTTER (WITH MY LIPS) “OTHER” (demi) Gods. Whatever may be 
>their qualities, I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE THEM AS MY SUPPORT. (ananya 
>gatitvam.. No other one except You..)
>8.  (AzhwAr gets into Parama bhakti, with intense longing for Him and for 
>Paramapadham..) People, who are like a tree, in the middle of a forest, 
>which has lost all its leaves, and is pushed strongly by the strong, huge 
>elephant, though are Devas (or others), - I WILL NOT consider them as my 
>support or refuge, I have reached You as MY ONLY REDEMPTION AND REFUGE. When 
>have You planned to grant adiyEn the mOksham, the Parama padham, for adiyEn 
>is blessed (by You) with this attitude?. (AzhwAr tells in the first line 
>that except Hi, all have temporary lives including Devas.)
>9. Og the strong dancer! The killer of Madhu! Unparallled, Only One in the 
>whole Universe! Pari poorNanE! (NambhI!) The One who has Periya PiraaTTi in 
>the Chest! ThiruviNNagaraanE! Please bless me and grant Your eternal 
>servant, without letting my past sins chase me and torture me. Bless me 
>until it (the strong sins of mine- valvinai)gets completely extinguished.
>10. This ten is on the “appan” – Oppaaril appan of ThiruviNNagaram Divya 
>Desam, who shows Himself so gracefully at ThiruviNNagaram Divya Desam. It is 
>composed by Kaliyan- who has strong hands and gives away wealth like the 
>dark rain laden clouds.  Those who can read them, WILL NOT HAVE ANY PAAVAM 
>Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
>Be blessed to view ThiruviNNagaram web site at: 
>   and enjoy the Divine darshan of Oppiliappan.
>Narayana Narayana
>Narayana dASan
>Srimate Sri Laksminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka
>Srivan Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatindra Mahadesikaya Nama: