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Periya Thirumozhi 6.3- maRRumOr Deivam eNNEn! Deivam piRidhu aRiyEn!

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Date: Tue Oct 19 1999 - 03:27:06 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AhwAr surrendered to than oppaaril appan, Oppiliappan PerumAL of 
ThiruviNNagaram Divya Desam, saying “I do not wish to live in this world. 
Please take me to Your Feet!”. Emperumaan, the most merciful and most 
compassionate, gives the Jivan yet another chance to check if he really 
wants to get rid of the bhandham. AzhwAr bursts out with his dislike and nit 
wanting the worldly pleasures(?) and the intense, urgency of his (tvarai) 
for reaching Paramapadham to serve Him eternally at His lotus Feet. The last 
ten on Oppiliappan.

1. thuRappEn allEn; inbham thuRavaadhu nin uruvam*/ maRappEn allEn enRum 
maRavaadhu* yaan ulagil/ piRappEnaaga eNNEn PiRavaamaip peRRandhu* nin 
thiRatthEn aanathanamaiyaal ThiruviNNagaraanE!…. (What a beautiful pAsuram!) 
Oh ThiruviNNaraga perumAnE! I will never ever afford to leave this pleasure 
(bliss) of enjoying You. Hence, I will never ever forget the beautiful 
Divine form of Yours at all times. By thus not forgetting Your form, I will 
never be born again. I am blessed (with this no- birth status)  de to Your 
“krupai” on me, making me a sEshabhUthan (servant) for You.

2. ThirumaalE! ThiruviNNagaraanE! Oh Emperumaane! The One who eagerly awaits 
the time to grant Your grace to the beings, as a Dharma swarUpi, and as 
Parama kaaruNyan! The relation with these worldly human beings living in 
this world, and the desire and hatred towards them- I have cut off and 
detached myself from these and hence I am blessed to perform kaimkaryam at 
Your Lotus Feet. I am blessed to retain You, the Biggest One, in my heart 
without ever separating Yourself from me.

3. “maanEy nOkku nallar mathipOl magatthu ulavaum/ oonEy kaNvaaLik kudaindhu 
Ottandhu unnai adaindhEn/ kOnE! KuRungudiuL kuzhagaa! ThirunaRaiyoor thEnE! 
Varupunalsoozh ThiruviNNagaraanE! ……… (What a Tamil!) KurungudiyuL kuzhagaa! 
The Sowlabhya Lord of Thirukkurungudi! The Honey of Thirunaraiyoor! (So 
sweet!) ThiruvinnagaraanE! My Swami! The deer- eyed women, whose eyes are on 
their moon-like faces, are made of flesh (maamisam- oon), blood and wires.. 
(nerves). Those eyes are chasing me as arrows, due to which I come running- 
rushing  (Ottandhu) to You and surrendering to You.

4.  ThiruviNNagaraanE! The One who always does good to me! (puNNiyanE!). 
Till now, I immersed myself in the flood of sensual pleasures, hugging the 
shoulders of young women, who have sandal smeared tender breasts, and due to 
which I was deeply trapped in the scorching hell of this samsaaric worldly 
life. Now, I have been blessed to come to You, considering Your Lotus Feet 
alone as the means. By doing that, I am able to get rid of all my sins. 
Then, I have reached You.

5. “maRROr Deivam eNNEn unnai en manatthUl vaiithup/ peRREn peRRadhum 
piRavaamai Emperumaan!/”…… (Assertive TRUTH!).. Oh ThiruviNNagaraanE! The 
Most victorious Lord! the One who killed rAvaNan, the king of lankA 
(surrounded by ocean)! I will never ever consider anyone else (any other 
demi-god) except You as the God, as my refuge! My Swami! (due to that) I am 
blessed with the greatest to retain and have You stay in my heart. That is 
the blissful “piRavaamai” (due to this, I will never ever be born). (means: 
Just simply consider Sriman Narayanan, as the ONLY GOD. That is adequate..- 
same has been told by Thirumazhisai AzhwAr is Naammukhan Thiruvandhaadhi- 
no. 68  Yama, the demigod of death, Dharma raajan, the one who doesn’t 
differentiate between people, and does his dharmic action of judgement 
unbiased, called his servants and workers (yamakinkarars) and said “Listen 
to me! This is a standing order and a secret. Never disobey this. Anyone, 
who does not worship other demigods, has realised the Parathvam. Even if 
they forget to utter the divine name of Narayanan (at the time of his 
death), still, be soft towards him; Don’t be cruel and punish him; pay 
obeisance to him. He has to be respected.  )

6. ThiruviNNagaraanE! The dark collyrium like oceans, the earth, the earth’s 
jewels- the mountains, the Moon and the Sun- are all Your servants- You are 
Sarva sEshi (the Chief Master of all). I, who have been blessed to consider 
(or have realised) You as my sEshi- have realised the way to get saved. 
Thus, having realised this, I will never ever consider any one else as God. 
(uyym vagai uNarndhEn; maRROr Deivam piRidhu aRiyEn ThiruviNNagaraanE!)

7. (DO NOT MISS TO READ THIS!) “maRROr deivam thEREn unnai allaal 
ThiruviNNagaraanE!”… Oh Lord of ThiruviNNAgaram! AdiyEn- Your servant, has 
got one other more thing to say.  Without letting me elaborate further, You 
should bless me with this plea of mine and take it to Your mind. (Listen..) 
I WILL NEVER EVER UTTER (WITH MY LIPS) “OTHER” (demi) Gods. Whatever may be 
their qualities, I WILL NEVER EVER TAKE THEM AS MY SUPPORT. (ananya 
gatitvam.. No other one except You..)

8.  (AzhwAr gets into Parama bhakti, with intense longing for Him and for 
Paramapadham..) People, who are like a tree, in the middle of a forest, 
which has lost all its leaves, and is pushed strongly by the strong, huge 
elephant, though are Devas (or others), - I WILL NOT consider them as my 
support or refuge, I have reached You as MY ONLY REDEMPTION AND REFUGE. When 
have You planned to grant adiyEn the mOksham, the Parama padham, for adiyEn 
is blessed (by You) with this attitude?. (AzhwAr tells in the first line 
that except Hi, all have temporary lives including Devas.)

9. Og the strong dancer! The killer of Madhu! Unparallled, Only One in the 
whole Universe! Pari poorNanE! (NambhI!) The One who has Periya PiraaTTi in 
the Chest! ThiruviNNagaraanE! Please bless me and grant Your eternal 
servant, without letting my past sins chase me and torture me. Bless me 
until it (the strong sins of mine- valvinai)gets completely extinguished.

10. This ten is on the “appan” – Oppaaril appan of ThiruviNNagaram Divya 
Desam, who shows Himself so gracefully at ThiruviNNagaram Divya Desam. It is 
composed by Kaliyan- who has strong hands and gives away wealth like the 
dark rain laden clouds.  Those who can read them, WILL NOT HAVE ANY PAAVAM 

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
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Narayana Narayana

Narayana dASan

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