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Sri Gopala Desika Mahadesikan
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 16:10:23 PDT

Sri Raamajayam

Srimathe Gopaaladesika Mahaadesikaaya Namaha

Dear Sri.Madhavakannan & Sri.Anbil Swamin,
                                          In your reference to our Acharya 
Sri.Gopaaladesikar Swami, you had mentioned his compassion in limiting our 
Dhandasamarpanam to our capability, during Baranyaasam as well as Swami's 
kindness in hastening us to take food, inspite of the great Mahaan himself 
remaining hungry to complete Maadyanika Snanam, Maadyanikam, Bhikshai 
Saathithal etc, we witnessed exactly the same during our Prapatthi with 
this great Acharya.

In fact after our Baranyaasam was over(11.30am), I finished Maadyanikam and 
we all happily ate, the great food Thaathu maama and family had served us.  
I was under the impression, the Swamin is eating seperately, when I heard 
that food had to be made seperately for him(Sanyaasi's regulations) and he 
has his own course and it would take upto 2pm before Swami touches the 
first grain of food.

Swami's Vairaghyaa taught me one great lesson, our body may age and falter, 
but our strength at heart(will) has to be strong which can overtake the 
bodily limitations.  To this day I have not felt any pain, in not eating 
Para-Annam or doing the Trikaala Sandhya Vandanam, merely emulating a millionth 
of our Acharyaas footsteps.

His compassion to his sishyaa's is boundless, that he was sleepless 
in not hearing from us of our return from Sethu, as well as his warm 
enquiries of others who are here.

We should celebrate our Acharya's Thirunakshathiram in a good manner, 
truly befitting the Kalyaana Gunaas of our Great Acharya.  Swamis should 
champion this, and involve all his disciples rightaway.  

By this posting I request Sri Gopaala Desikan Swami Abhimaani's 
forward their name, email & other contact information to 
Sri.Madhavakannan(, so that we can coordinate 
this great Acharya's Thirunakshthiram celebrations in an elegant manner.

Sri Gopaala desikan thiruvadigalae charanam!

Adiyen Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi