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Dosha bhogyatvam
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 14:09:41 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas

A Bhagavata asked in a private mail 
"This is a private letter not addressed to anyone else.  Do you really feel 
that Sri Desikar accepts the concept of "dosha bhogyatvam" 
There is a small difference between dosha bhogyatvam and a prapanna's 
surprise regarding the invincibility or the limitlessness of Perumal's daya.  
Adiyen feels that doshabhogyatvam is not really the idea behind sri desikar's 
views.Please let me know the subtle ideas".
I gave the following reply as best as I could 
May be, the learned Bhagavatas in the list can throw better light on this.

"It is not that SwAmi Desika accepts the concept of "dosha bhogyatvam". In 
fact such a view is not countenanced in our Desika SampradAyam. It is an 
aspect of poetic fancy and flourish that SwAmi refers to this "hunger" 
"feeding" etc. 

I would like to add that the work "DayA Sathakam" is allegorical. Perhaps, 
SwAmi felt it as another way of conveying ideas dramatically, in a manner we 
ordinary folks could understand

The Lord's mercy is personified and addressed. It is a case of poetic license 
that SwAmi Desika takes in picturing a scene of this allegorical 'person 
feeling hungry' and 'SwAmi feeding her with what -- his own sins!'

This, I believe, does not in anyway nullify the view of rejecting the "dosha 
bhOghyatvam" of the Lord nor can it be construed as SwAmi approving the 
And, my series is intended only to help enjoy the beauty of the different 
facets and moods of expression of SwAmi Desika's naichya AnusanthAnam and 
sAtvika ahamkaram.

My sincere thanks to the Bhaagavata who raised this point.
I am no authority and I am still in the learning mode.
Please feel free to refer any questions in private mail, since it gives me an 
opportunity to research and learn.  Thank you again.

Anbil Ramaswamy