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Introduction + request for Narayana Suktam Verses in English

From: Raman Kannan (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 13:21:55 PDT


I am Kannan, resident of NJ, USA.

I wish to listen to the divine wisdom that flows
through this list and learn as much as I can.

Currently, I am learning Gita.

WIsh to learn and recite
Vishnu Suuktam and Purusa Suuktam

over the next couple of years.
I appreciate your contribution to my self improvement effort.

Thank you

My search for Vishnu Suuktam did fetch about everything else
including Purusa Suuktam but not Vishnu/Narayana Suuktam.

I found the following links (some broken) to be quite valuable

I would appreciate if someone could post Narayana Suuktam
in English (sanskrit words in English) and english translation
of the same. Commentaries regarding the same is also welcome.

-- There is some discussion regarding cleaniness...

In Gita 13-7 

Lord Krishna mentions saucam (cleaniness) as a desirable attribute
for a human being. 

Thank you