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Sri MadhavakaNNa's Kaliyan express: Part 2

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Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 18:25:03 PDT

Now Kaliyan arrives at the fifth decad in a state 
of Parama Bhakthi and offers his SaraNAgathi at
the Lotus feet of the Lord of Srirangam (Ninnadi iNai 
adainthEn aNi pozhil ThiruvarangatthammAnE ).This decad 
starts with a heart wrenching appeal to His Sarva Swami 
in a state of ananya gathithvam , aakinchanyam  and
KaarpaNyam . Kaliyan reminds himself of the many
ways in which his Naathan had come to the rescue of
others and demonstrated His soulabhyam , souseelyam 
and OudhAryam and in a state of MahA VisvAsam kindled
by these comforting thoughts performs his SaraNAgathi
to Sri RanganAthan .The instances cover the 10 verses.

Periya Thirumozhi(PTM): 5.8.1: Blessings to Guhan
Sri Raaman did not reject Guhan as one from a Neecha
Jaathi (hunter) and declared that Guhan from that day of 
meeting is one of His brothrs and SitA PirAtti is a 
friend of Guhan .Kaliyan states that Souseelyam displayed
during RaamAvathAram is on his mind and that is empowering 
him to reach the Lord's feet to perform prapatthi .

PTM 5.8.2: Vaadha Maamahan : Blessings to HanumAn

HanumAn is not a human like Guhan .He is a MaRkatam 
or a Vaanara Janmam .Sri RaamA befriended him inspite
of it and declared that He can not pay him back 
for all that HanumAn had done for Him (Thavinukku
KaimmARu illai ).This is another reason for MahA visvAsam 
of Kaliyan .

PTM 5.8.3: KaDikoLL Poompozhil-
The aasritha rakshaNam displayed with dhvarai
(haste) during Gajendra samrakshaNam is the subject 
of this Paasuram that comforts Kaliyan .

PTM: 5.8.4: Nanju sOrvathOr venjina aravam--

The anugraham ( Jeeva Bikshai ) to the scared 
serpent Sumukan , who was going to be devoured by 
Garudan is referred to here. Sumukhan approached
the Lord (upEndhran ) and sought refuge from the beak 
of Garudan . Lord protected Sumukan and commanded Garudan
to spare Adhi Seshan , Vaasuki and other
Serpent kings as well  .These incidents are described
in the Naaga Dhamana varNanam section of Sri Garuda
PanchAsath of Swami Desikan . All these Naaga RaajAs 
are worn on Sri Garudan's body and crown .Sumukan
is one such Naaga Raajan , who escaped the wrath
thanks to the anugraham of the Lord .

PTM 5.8.5: 
Anugraham to a Great Vedic Scholar to
enjoy SiRRinbham for a while and  then reach His
holy feet : Maaha Maanilam Paasuram .

Here the reference is to Sri Govindha Swamy ,
who was blessed with SthrI BOgam for a certain time .
He was inspired by the RaasakrItai anubhavams of the Lord.
King YayAthi, Soubhari Maharishi are also citd as 
the special persons alluded by this Paasuram .They wanted to
enjoy the Sthri BhOgam and got tired of it later and
then sought the Lord's feet .Kaliyan , who has
referred repeatedly in ThiruvINNagar Paasurams
about his own anubhavam in this regard seems 
to hint that he has hopes as well to be redeemed .

PTM : 5.8.6: Mannu naanmaRai maamuni--

Saving MarkaNdEyan's life from the Kaala Paasam 
of Yaman thru Rudran is referred to here as 
the anugraham . MarkaNDEyan became one of 
the Chiranjeevis as a result .Lord , who is the 
Mruthyu Mruthyu ( Sri NrusimhAnushtup manthram )
saved MaarkaNdEyan from the clutches of Yaman 
at the age of 16 and made him live forever next to 
Him at ThiruviNNagar and made him His foster 
father-in-law .

PTM: 5.8.7:Anugraham to SaanthipinI Muni 

During KrishNAvathAram, the Lord had VedAdhyananam
from sage SaanthipinI . The sages' son had disappeared
while taking a dip in PrabhAsa theertham . He was presumed 
dead .The Teacher asked his Sishyan , who inquired about 
what the Guru would desire as Guru DakshiNai, that he
wanted to reunite with his lost son.Lord KrishNA brought
back to life the son of His AchAryan and gladdened 
his AchAryan's heart . Kaliyan says to the Lord : "Knowing 
Your power , adiyEn has mahA visvAsam in You ".

PTM: 5.8.8: Anugraham to another BrahmaNA's son 

Yet another time , A BrAhmaNan and his wife lost 
one after anotherall the children  born to them.
They did not even get to see them .They disappeared 
mysteriously after their births. Lord KrishNA consoled
the righteous Brahmin that he should not undergo
this suffering and went with ArjunA to Sri Vaikuntam
and brought back the Vaidhika PuthrAs from there 
and handed them over to the couple and made them happy.

PTM: 5.8.9: Anugraham to ThoNDaimAn King 

At ThiruvEnkatam , King of ThonDai ( ThuNDIra dEsam )
MaNDalam had the special grace of the Lord for his
exemplary Kaimkaryams . He had the BhAgyam of conversing
with the Lord even in ArchAvathAram . It was like 
the sallAbham between Thirukkacchi Nambi and Sri VaradarAjan . 

One day , the king presented the Lord with a lovely
Rathna Haaram . The Lord did not pay attention .The king
knew that there was some apachAram and begged the Lord to tell
him of any offenses. The Lord answered : "In Keezha Thiruppathi ,
a dear Bhakthan ( KurukkaRattha Nambi ) was presenting Him 
a flower made of clay with great reverence and that made
Him lose attention" . The king came to know that  this 
Parama Bhakthan was a poor potter , who made the image of 
the Lord in Clay for his worship and then offered 
flowers made of clay , his working material, with great
bhakthi . This poor bhakthan had no ahankAram (Garvam )
about abhijana madham , VidhyA garvam or Dhana Madham 
( ego that he was superior in birth status, education and 
wealth). The king had some of these ahankArams .Therefore ,
the Lord stayed away from talking to the King for a Yaama 
Kaalam , which broke the heart of the king.He chastened 
and the Lord ws pleased and initiated him into Moola 
manthram an blessed him and made him the equal of
Kurmpu aRuttha Nambi, the potter . Kaliyan prays for 
such blessings .

PTM: 5.8.10: Phalasruthi Paasuram for saraNAgathi

Kaliyan reminded the Lord of all the blessings 
that he conferred on Guhan, HanumAn, GajEndran, 
Sumukhan , MarkaNDEyan, a Brahmin , AchArya SaanthipinI ,
another Brahmin and ThondaimAn Chakravarthi and prays for
the anugrahams of Anishta Nivrutthi and Ishta PrApthi 
through the acceptance of his SaraNAgathi .

These 50 Paasurams on Sri RanganAtha as Sarva Swami
are grand in anubhavam of Kaliyan . He went on to
salute Sri RanganAthan with 23 more paasurams in PTM
and other divya Prabhandhams . 

Sri RanganAyaki SamEtha Sri RanganAtha SwaminE nama:
Kaliyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan 
PramAthi PurattAsi Sukla Paksha Prathamai
NavarAthri PoojArambha Dhinam .