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Sri MadhavakaNNa's Kaliyan express : Part 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 18:23:35 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of Dhivya prabhandaham :

Sri MadhavakkaNNan's Divya prabhandham 
express with the package of  Kaliyan's Periya 
Thirumozhi is speeding its way and just has passed 
the stations of Srirangam, ThiruppEr Nagar and
Nandhipura ViNNagaram.adiyEn is waiting with 
ThuLasi Garlands in my hand for the express 
to arrive at ThiruviNNagar Dhivya Desam soon . 

Meanwhile , Srimathi Jayashree Narasimhan had 
asked for the bill of particulars on the last 
of the pentad of decads saluting Sri RanganAthan 
( yEzhai yEthalan keezhmahan yennAthu irangi--).
These are indeed a marvellous set of ten referring 
to the VisEshAnugrahams in Sri Raaama , KrishNa  avathArams 
to special BhakthAs . Kaliyan cites them as reminders
to the Lord and begs for a similar anugraham for him . 
Kaliyan celebrates the Soulabhya , SouseelyA GuNAs 
and comforts himself that he will be blessed by 
that Lord of Srirangam . 

This decad is the concluding decad of Five
decads performing MangaLAsAsanam to 
Arangatthu AravaNaiyAn .The first is 
the one starting with " Unthi mEl". Here ,
Kaliyan recognized Srirangam as the Dhivya
Desam , which is the home of the One , who
created Chathurmukha BrahmA , who measured 
the universe as Thrivikraman, who destroyed 
the Kingdom of RaavaNan ,who sucked out the prANan
of Poothanai, who kicked away the life of ChakatAsuran ,
Who incarnated as Adhi VarAhan , who is known as 
a MaayAvi with extraordinary agatitha Gatanaa sakthi 
and who is the Sriya: Pathi .Thus the focus is on
the holy Srirangam , where He reclines on Adhi Seshan .

The second of the five decads on Srirangam is
cast by Kaliyan as ParakAla Naayaki's pralApam.
This is the one starting with " veruvAthALL Vaai veruvi ".
The Viprlampa mood of ParakAla Naayaki is described
by her mother in a heart wrenching way. The naaayaki's 
sleeplessnes over inaccessibility to her Lord ,
her tear-laden eyes , her abandoning of decorative
items (sandal paste, anjanam et al ), flower garlands ,
play things are movingly described .

The third of the Five Srirangam decads starts
with"KaimmAna mazha KaLiRRaik kadal kidantha karumaNiyai".
Here , Kaliyan saluted the KrishNavathaara Moolavar at Srirangam 
as GeethAchAryan and Govardhana Giridharan and moves on
to celebrate Him as VarAha , Narasimha avathAran and 
as the Moola Moorthy for other ArchAvatharams. Then 
Kaliyan salutes Vaidhika Mathams elaborating Karama ,
Jn~Ana , Bhakthi, Praaptthi Yogams and concludes 
this decad with the enjoyment of the beauty of 
the ThirumEni of the Lord of Srirangam .

The Fourth decad (PaNdai NaanmaRayum vELviyum --)
reminds us that the Lord of Srirangam is the embodiment
of Vaak, Artham , Samashti and Vyashti and is our Sarva vidha 
Banthu . Kaliyan cites in this context the many blessings
that He conferred as the HamsAvatharan (on BrahmA ) ,
as the KoormAvatharan ( on DevAs to churn the nectar 
from the milky ocean ), as Nrusimhan ( on PrahlAdhan ),
as ParasurAman, Sri Ramachandran (the Uthsavar of 
Srirangam , Jaya KodhaNda Raaman ) and Sri KrishNan .
Kaliyan points out that this AdhimadhyAntha rahithan 
is the One reclining comfortably at the Srirangam island
as Sesha sayanan .

Now Kaliyan arrives at the fifth decad in a state 
of Parama Bhakthi and offers his SaraNAgathi at
the Lotus feet of the Lord of Srirangam (Ninnadi iNai 
adainthEn aNi pozhil ThiruvarangatthammAnE ).This decad 
starts with a heart wrenching appeal to His Sarva Swami 
in a state of ananya gathithvam , aakinchanyam  and
KaarpaNyam . Kaliyan reminds himself of the many
ways in which his Naathan had come to the rescue of
others and demonstrated His soulabhyam , souseelyam 
and OudhAryam and in a state of MahA VisvAsam kindled
by these comforting thoughts performs his SaraNAgathi
to Sri RanganAthan .The instances cover the 10 verses.

Periya Thirumozhi(PTM): 5.8.1: Blessings to Guhan
To Be continued )