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Challenge 3.01. "I AM ALSO AN EMPEROR!"
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 06:26:53 PDT

SwAmi VEdAnta DEsika's "NaichyAnusanthAnam" and 
"SAtvika AhamkAram(As gleaned from his StOtras.) - 
Dear Bhagavatas
Kindly refer to "Part 3 - SWAMI CHALLENGES! An Introductory Note" -- posted 
on 10th October 99. I am leaving this out here to avoid repetition You may 
read this to appreciate this posting in the proper perspective. 
Anbil Ramaswamy
Challenge 3.01. "I AM ALSO AN EMPEROR!"
aham asmi aparAdha chakravarthee 
karuNE tvam cha guNEshu sArvabhoumee /
vidushee sthithim eedriseem swayam 
mAm vrishasailEswara pAdasAth kuru tvam //
(DayA Sathakam SlOkam 30)

" Oh! DayA DEvi!
I am the emperor of all offenses (aparAdhas). My empire consists of all sins. 
You are the empress queen of all auspicious qualities. When both of us are 
thus equal in status, each in our own way, why not you invade my kingdom, 
take me prisoner of war (POW) and imprison me at the feet of your Lord 

1. The slOkam begins with "aham" which means "I"- the much maligned word that 
smacks of the stigma of "ahamkAram". May be, SwAmi could have used the 
'politically correct' and more fashionable "aDiyEn" or some such expression 
regarded as the hallmark of humility. But, there seems to be a purpose to his 
preference. SwAmi dexterously demonstrates how retaining the very same 
'word', it could be sublimated into "sAtvika ahankAram" in 'spirit' by 
equating 'aham' with 'aparAdha chakravarthi". To wit, from 'SOham" to 
DAsOham," which latter does retain the 'aham' part of it but without the 
odium attached to it.

2. The more powerful the vanquished enemy, the greater is the valor of the 
victor. What avail is it for the 'sArvabhoumee' to confront petty and weak 
chieftains, when she can cover herself with greater acclaim only by an 
equally powerful chakravarthi? And, what are her weapons? Mercy, Compassion 
and so on. So, the SwAmi dares DayA DEvi to use all these weapons and meet 
his challenge!. 

A clever way to invite the 'kaTAksham' of DayA DEvi!
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