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Periya Thirumozhi 5.10- Naathan uRaikinRa nagar Nandhipura viNNagaram

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 01:04:47 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this ten, ThirumangaiAzhwAr goes to Thirunandhipura viNNagaram, and sings 
this yet another excellent ten.

1.("He says, "SarvEshwaran is the antharyaami of anything and everything."). 
SarvEshwaran- the One who grants bhOgam and mOksha palans to beings; who is 
Antharyaami of five elements (Pancha bhoothams); the One who executes and 
directs, the awakening of mind, the dream and the final death - Sarva 
nirvaahakan; the One who danced with the pot; is here at Nandhipura 
biNNagaram Divya Desam; Oh mind! Attempt to reach there!

2.("He is the One who helps us from distress" - says AzhwAr-). If you try to 
act as what I say, there is a way for being saved. During praLayam, He ate 
everything in saptha lOkams (seven worlds) and made His ThirumEni still 
appear as normal; He is our Swami. He is dark hued lord, who is at 
Nandhipura viNNagaram. Oh mind! Attempt to reach there.

3.The upper seven lokams, seven oceans, - everything, without leaving anyone 
or anything behind, He swallowed them during praLayam (cosmic cycle), and 
brought them back again during creation; He, the One who has vast broad 
Divine Chest, the Greatest Swami, who,\m we all simply adore; - is here 
staying permanently at Nandhipura viNNagaram, which is beautiful and 
fertile. Oh mind! Attempt to reach there!

4.When raakshasaas, (of lankA) came with curved teeth and with ferocity, 
saying "Let us fight", Sri Ramapiraan, simply made their bodies crush and 
fall down, with His powerful arrows; - Such Sarva shakthan, most victorious 
Lord- is staying permanently at Nandhipura viNNagaram, where clouds loiter 
amidst the most beautiful honey dripping mango tree filled gardens. Oh mind! 
Proceed to reach there!

5.Sri Ramapiraan- who made effortlessly the shoulders and legs of asurAs of 
lankA, who came to fight angrily, get crushed with His string of arrows; 
SarvEshwaran, who has the Naandhakam (sword), ChakrA, bow, gadhA( 
KoumOdhakI), Paancha janyam (Sanghu), et al in His divine resplendent hands; 
- is here at this Divya Desam of Nandhipura viNNagaram, permanently. Oh 
mind! Attempt to reach there!

6.The unparalleled, than oppaaril appan, Sri Raman, went in the dense 
forests, along with His younger brother Ilaya perumAL, and His consort SitA 
PiraaTTi. That greatest Lord is here permanently at this Divya Desam of 
Nandhipura viNNagam, where cuckoos jump from trees to trees; singing 
(cooing) and peacocks dance to those tunes. Oh mind! Attempt to reach there!

7.With no issues, Nandhan became quite depressed and the Lord, appeared in 
the midnight, without letting anyone know of His arrival, to alleviate His 
father's worry. That little KaNNan is here at Nandhipura viNNagaram. Devas, 
come here and pay obeisance to this Lord, by offering most fragrant flowers, 
saying, "He is my Swami". ("enthai ivan" enRu amarar gandha malar kOndu 
thozha ninRa nagarthaan..). Oh mind! Attempt to reach this Divya Desam, 
which was built by Nandhi king as his kaimkaryam.

8.Sage Sanaka et al, sing sweetly and praise Him saying, "There is none 
equal to Him; Thinking further, for meditation, He is the only Vishayam for 
dhyaanam" (eNNil ninaivu eydhi ini illai maRai enRu muniyaaLar). Devas 
assemble and say, "There is no more beautiful Divya Desam than this" and 
offer flowers here. Such great Divya Desam is Nandhi pura viNNagaram. Oh 
mind! Attempt to reach there!

9.The vast large earth appeared to be engulfed by full of waters, and in 
such away, even during that time when the praLayam waters strike, those who 
do not trespass SarvEshwaran's commands (saasthric instructions) and follow 
them faithfully, never lose their sarIram (i.e. always they will be with the 
Lord, by attaining mOksham.). Oh mind! Of you realize that well, you will 
know to proceed to Nandhipura viNNagaram Divya Desam, where our 
SarvEshwaran, stays permanently.

10.This ten is on the Lord of Nandhipura viNNagaram Divya Desam where clouds 
move in the middle of charming cool honey filled gardens. This SarvEshwaran 
has in His hands, lustrous ever-shining strong ChakrA, and Sanghu. This ten 
is composed by Kaliyan. Those who read this ten will have all their paavams 
(sins- karmic diseases) vanished.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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