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The Life and works of AchArya RaamAnujA : Part 2

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 18:18:18 PDT

Thirukkacchi Nampi and RaamAnujA

Thirukkacchi nampi was a key disciple of AaLavandhAr.
He was doing fan service to Lord VaradarAjan at Kaanchi
and the Lord of Kaanchi broke His archA samAdhi (silence)
to speak to Thirukkacchi Nampi during those ChAmara
Kaimkaryam sessions . RaamAnujA admired Thirukkacchi Nampi
for his access to the Lord and asked Nampi to get answers
from the Lord Himself for questions that were troubling him .
Nampi agreed to present those questions to Lord Varadarajan .
The Lord's answer to RaamAnujA's questions are known as
the six statements referred to below:

(1) We , the Srimaan , is the supreme One (Parathvam).
(2) Our darsanam is BhEdham .
(3) Prapatthi is THE MEANS for Moksham .
(4) Moksham will be gained at the time of shedding 
    of the mortal coils for a Prapannan .
(5) Take refuge at the feet of Periya Nampi
    as AchAryan.
(6) Anthima Smruthi( Thoughts on the Lord during the last
    moments of life ) is not essential for the One , who
    has performed Prapatthi . 

RaamAnujA was thrilled to hear the instructions from
the Lord Himself and hastened to meet Periya Nampi
living at Srirangam . Meanwhile , Periya nampi had a dream 
in which he was requested by Sri RanganAthA to bring 
RaamAnujA to Srirangam and groom him to become
the next great AchAryA to spread the darsanam . Periya 
nampi hastened on his journey towards Kaanchi. Both RaamAnujA
and Periya Nampi met each other half way at MadhurAnthakam .
Periya nampi initiated RaamAnujA into Sri VishNavite fold
through PanchasamskAram and manthra upadEsams .RaamAnujA
at this time was a grahasthA . RaamAnujA's wife however 
had committed three major apachArams to Sri VaishNava 
BhaagavathAs during the last few months of RaamAnujA as 
a GrahasthA and sishyar of Periya Nampi . Those incidents 
took a  heavy toll on RaamAnujA's mind.He concluded that 
SanYaasam is better than GrahathAsramam for him and declared 
his intentions to Lord varadarAjA , who approved RaamAnujA's 
request to enter into SanyAsAsramam .Great Sri VaishNavAs like
NadAdUr AzhwAn, KooratthAzhwAn , Mudali AaNDAn learnt
about the news of RaamAnujA becoming a Yathi and chose
him as their own AchAryan. Yaadhava PrakAsar , who resented
RaamAnujA earlier understood the greatness of his former
disciple and sought the refuge of RaamAnujA as his
own AchAryan ,although he was much older than his
own former disciple and lived peacefully at the sacred
feet of AchArya RaamAnujA . 

RaamAnujA's move to Srirangam from Kaanchi

One day , Thiruvaranga perumAL Arayar came to Kaanchi
and performed arayar sevai for the Paasurams of Swami
NammAzhwAr before Lord VaradarAjan . The Lord of Kaanchi
was so pleased with the Arayar that He asked the Arayr 
to choose a boon close to his heart.The Arayar blurted out
and asked for the gift of RaamAnujA . The Lord agreed 
and gave His permission for RaamAnujA to go to Srirangam 
with the Arayar and start his work as an AchAryan and 
to continue the work of AaLavandhAr. 

The Five AchAryans of AchArya RaamAnujA

Five great disciples of ALavandhar following 
the command of their AchAryan  instructed 
RaamAnujA on the essentials of Sri VaishNavam .

Periya nampi or MahA Poornar performed not only 
Pancha samskArams for RaamAnujA  but also taught 
him the Brahma SoothrAs , the BhagavadgitA and 
the esoteric meanings (rahasyArthams) of the 
Sri VaishNavite rahasyams .

Goshti PoorNar or ThirukkOttiyUr nampi 
tested the readiness of RaamAnujA many times 
and finally trained him in the observance of
Ari VaishNavite religious practises as per 
the three RahasyAs .

MaalAdhArA or ThirumAlai ANDAn taught RaamAnujA 
Bhagavadh Vishayam or the subtle meanings of
Swami NammAzhwAr's ThiruvAimozhi Paasurams 
(DrAvida samhithA ).

ThiruvarangapperumAL or AaLavandhAr AazhwAn 
instructed RaamAnujA on the comprehensive text 
of ThiruvAimozhi , the Sri Sookthis of AaLavandhAr
and some auspicious sayings ( SubhAshithams) .

Srisaila PoornA or Thirumalai nampi , the uncle of 
RaamAnujA taught the inner meanings of Srimadh 
RaamAyana SlOkams . Since Srimadh RaamAyaNam
is known as the SaraNAgathi Saasthram , this 
acquistion of knowledge from a revered elder
AchAryan such as Thirumalai Nampi was an important
feature of RaamAnujar's tutelage.