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gita class on Oct 10th sunday

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 23:13:41 PDT

dear gita group members,

There will be a Telephone gita class on Oct 10th sunday.  the subject will 
be 11th chapter.

We had the pleasure of understanding what really the n-dimensional 
Vishvarupa view of the Lord in the previous class.  The picturesque 
description of it from ARjuna who actually witnessed that is remarkable. 
 In this class, we will finish 11th chapter and take up bhaktiyoga adhyaya 
or 12 th chapter.  12th chapter is quite enigmatic with different 
interpretations from different schools of thought.  AFter 12th chapter in 
the next couple of classes we will deal with the comparitive views from 
other systems such as advaita and dvaita on the chapters 6-12 and finally 
round it up with Sri Uttamoor's viraraghavacharya's assessment of the 
comparitive views on chapters 6-12.

duration 4-5:30 PM pacific time   7-8:30 pm eastern std time

If you need the code for the conference call let me know

adiyen krishna
Krishna Kalale

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