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Pleadings-Posting - 7 (2.21 to 2.23)
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 07:15:30 PDT

SwAmi VEdAnta DEsika's "NaichyAnusanthAnam" and "SAtvika ThyAgam "
(As gleaned from his StOtras.) - Part 2- Swami pleads
Pleadings-Posting - 7 (2.21 to 2.23)
Anbil Ramaswamy
[As already mentioned in the Introduction, the NaichyAnusanthAnam is 
applicable to us only and NOT to Swami Desika, we have to substitute 
ourselves wherever Swami Desika extrapolates these to himself] 

2.21. ""CALM THE STORM!"

vAthoola kalpa vrijina prabhavair madheeyAm
vaiyAkuleem vishaya sindhu tharangabhangai: /
dAsopamardhasaha durnireesam tvadanyai:
anveekshya gATam anukampithum arhasi tvam //
(DEhaleesa Sthuthi SlOkam 21)

Like the whirlwind that whips up huge waves, my sins create waves called 
worldly pleasures in the ocean of SamsAra, confuse and confound my mind. None 
other than yourself can calm this storm Shower your grace, calm the storm and 
rescue me from this precarious predicament.

Cf Nammazhwar's description of his plight when he says-
"AavArAr thunai enru alai neerk kaDaluL azhundhum
nAvAi pOl piravik kadaluL ninru nAn thuLanga"

AavirbhAva kalasa jaldhAvadhvarE vApi yasyA:
SthAnam yasyA: sarasijavanam vishnuvaksha sthala vA /
BhoomA yasyA bhuvanamakhilam dEvi divyam padham vA
SthOkapragnai: anavthigy\uNA sthooyasE sA katham Tvam //
(Sri Sthuthi SlOkam 2)

"Oh! Periya PirAtti!
Considering your birth, residence, qualities etc, it is absolutely impossible 
for me to sing your praise. 

i )Where were you born? 
You appeared from the milky ocean; then you appeared as Sita in the furrow of 
the ploughshare for the yagna of king Janaka. In both you were not born of 
mortals In this respect you excel your spouse.

ii) Where is your abode?
The cluster of lotus flowers that are filled with natural purity and natural 
fragrance and you abide permanently on broad chest of the Lord Himself.  Does 
anyone else have these specialties?

iii) Where is your property?
Both the Nityavibhuti and LeelA vibhuti are verily your empire

iv) How about your auspicious qualities?
They are infinite. Neither yourself nor even your spouse knows fully the 
extent of your kalyAnaguNas.

How could a shallow minded person with a miniscule knowledge describe your 

Swami expresses his utter inability to proceed further.

Regarding (iv), it is not a disqualification for the Divya Dhampathis that 
they have no tab on the auspicious qualities of ThAyAr. In this connection, 
it is worth remembering the following-
" Knowledge is to know that you know what you know
  Knowledge is to know  that you do not know what you do not know"
 vaidEsika: sruthi girAmapi bhooyaseenAm
 varnEshu mAthi mahimA na hi mAdrusAm thE /
 iththam vidanthamapi mAm sahsaiva gOdhE!
 MounadruhO mukharayanthi guNA: tvadheeyAh //
 (GOdha Sthuthi SlOka 2)

 "Oh! GOdhA PirAtti!
 I resolved to remain silent because I realized that the limitless vEdas 
themselves had become speechless unable to complete the task of praising your 
abundant glory. I realized too that a common folk like me with mere limited  
'Lowkika' knowledge it would be beyond my capacity to attempt where 'Vaidika 
vAk' had failed. But, your auspicious qualities would not bear with my 
silence. They know the art of making a mute person loquacious! It is they 
that have impelled me to compose psalms of praise about you.

 By 'sruthigirAm' Swami reminds us of 'YathO vAcha nivartantE"
 Another way of expressing his inability (naichya anusanthAnam.
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