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Periya Thirumozhi 5.9- engaL maal- iRaivan naamam yEtthi naan uyndhEn!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 03:12:05 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr surrendered to Sri Ranganathan saying, “AazhivaNNA! Ninnadi 
adaindhEn”..  and with the assuaging assurance from the Lord, he proceeds to 
have the blissful darshan of archavataars of other Divya Desams. Here is on 
ThiruppEr PerumAL.

1. This Lord holds Sanghu and Chakram in His resplendent hands; He has the 
most beautiful colour of dark clouds; He is known for all His most 
auspicious KalyANa gunAs true to the saasthras, in its entirety; He shows 
His KalyANa gunAs to those who hold on to Him; He enslaves all those who 
surrender to His Lotus Feet as His Seshans (eternal servants); He is 
reclining on AnanAthAzhwAn in ThiruppEr Divya dEsam, which is full of 
beautiful fertile fields; (Accharyam! What a wonder!) Having uttered the 
divine names of this Lord, I have been saved!

2. The big deep seven oceans, the huge seven mountains, the space, the most 
beautiful vast earth, - all of these were simply swallowed during mahA 
praLayam and spat them out afterwards by my Swami. He is the Lord of 
ThiruppEr Divya Desam who is loving and most merciful to His bhakthAs. I 
have been saved uttering His divine name.

3. Bhagawaan- created four faced bramhA, from the lotus off His navel; He 
freed Sivan from the sin of the skull (of brahmA) that got stuck to him, and 
blessed him “as earlier, rule the celestial worlds (Deva lokam..)” He 
reclines of AdhisEshan like a huge dark mountain at this Divya Desam of 
ThiruppEr- He is SarVeshawaran and having just desired to enjoy Him, I have 
been saved!

4. Oon amar thalai onRu yEndhi ulagam ellam thirium eesan/
een amar shaapam neekaay enna voN punalai eendhaan/

Brahma kabaalam (the skull of brahma that was removed by Sivan) with the 
associated flesh was stuck to Sivan’s hand and he went around the worlds to 
get freed begging for filling that skull (if it gets filled, he will be 
free). It never got filled. Sivan went to SarvEshawarn Sriya: Pathi Sriman 
Narayanan and pleaded “The saapam is quite strong and is difficult to get 
rid off. Please help me to remove my sorrow. “ Oh EmperumaanE! You just 
sprinkled a drop of the shining lustrous sweat (voN punal) from Your broad 
most beautiful Chest..  and filled the skull. You are here at ThiruppEr 
Divya Desam, which is so fertile and beautiful. You are the Lord of 
Nithyasooris, and by uttering Your Divine Name, I have been saved!

5.  You simply tore open the asurA’s mouth effortlessly, KaNNA! – like that 
Devas assembled and praised You.. You did also this : You appeared as Lord 
Narasingam with tremendour ferocious laughter and sound, lustrous like a 
lightning, tore open the chest of strong hiraNyan and killed him to Your 
heart’s content and greatest rejoice. The one who has chakrA in His hand is 
the  Lord of ThiruppEr, and uttering His name, I have been saved.

6. In order to save and get back PiraaTTi, You built a bridge across the 
Ocean using mountains to reach  lankA, and cut the twenty hands by aiming 
arrows victoriously. He stays at this Divya Desam of ThiruppEr, where four 
Vedas are recited; and listening to their high pitched Veda gOsham by 
brahmins, the fishes jump (with fear) out of ponds. Having just desired to 
pay my obeisance to this Emperumaan, I have been saved!

7. KaNNan -Kutti darling of deiva nangai YashOdhai, ate butter (stealing it 
from the kitchen) which angered his mother. She threw the matthu (the stick 
that is used for churning the buttermilk) at Him and also tied Him. 
SarvEshawaran- ParamAthmA- simply stood innocent like a small guilty boy to 
be tied down (to a pillar “mother”) with a small rope by His human mother. 
(yetthiRam iNaitthiRandhEngiya yeLivE!) He is here at ThiruppEr Divya Desam. 
Uttering his name daily, I have been saved!

8. KaNNAn, to the knowledge of the whole seven worlds, killed the seven 
bulls effortlessly to hug the beautiful creeper like ThirumEni (Divine body) 
of Nappinaai PiraaTTi in aayar paadi. This Lord is here at ThiruppEr Divya 
Desam, by utterance of His name daily, I have been saved.

9. Four Vedas, Five yaagams, six a~ngas of Vedantham (like VyakaraNam), - 
these were deeply learnt by scholars who are better than even Devas are 
staying at ThiruppEr Divya Desam, since time of creation.  The Lord who is 
at this Divya Desam , who captured the hearts of these scholars of 
ThiruppEr, is also staying in my heart permanently.

10. This ten is on the Lord of ThiruppEr Divya Desam, where the Lord 
reclines on the bed of AdhisEshan. This is sung in chaste beautiful Tamil by 
Kaliyan, who has got strong shoulders. Those who read them and dance and 
sing them, will SURELY reach Paramapadham.

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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