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Periya Thirumozhi-5.8-aadhalaal vandhun adiyiNai adindhEn ThiruvarangatthammanE

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 03:46:47 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr immerses himself in archaavataar, because only They can be 
enjoyed by us on this earth now. The Param, VyUhams are not accessible here. 
The anthryaami is invisible. The avtaars (vibhavam) happened long ago.

AzhwAr performs saranagathy to the archa roopams. In this ten, he says “nin 
adiyiNai adaindhEn aNipozhil ThiruvarangatthammaanE!”.

1. “yEzhi, yEthalan.. keezhmagan ennaadhu irangi maRRavarkku innaruL 

Guhan- illiterate, immersed in sensual pursuits; always kills (vbeing 
ahunter); lowly caste; Still, You showered Your grace on him; and also said 
further, “This darting, deer eyed  Seethai is your friend; this younger 
brother brother of yours- LakshmaNan is also my younger brother”- Not just 
that. He added that You are my friend; the fifth brother (in our family). 
(Kamban says “Guganodum ivaranOm”) Such “vaLLal” You are. These words of 
Yours are rining in my heart always. Hence, Oh merciful Lord! Sri Ranga 
swAmI! AdiyEn surrenders at Your Feet!

2. Not even a human birth; (like Gugan)- monkey; Vaayu puthran (due to this 
birth of being a son of Vaayu, false pride could have come in- “Vaadham maa 
magan”). Still, You befriended him; and also said “There is no paying back 
for the upakaaram you did” ; “Oh faultless speaker! Let me enjoy the 
pleasure of embracing you,” (Vaaymaiyinaayudan udanE uNban naan) . What a 
Sowlabhyam! I wish this should happen to adiyEn also. Hence, adiyEn 
surrenders at Your Lotus Feet, Oh Sri Ranga SwamI!

3. GajEndran- the elephant, went into the most beautiful lotus pond, and 
plucked the flower from there. The strong crocodile pulled its leg. The 
elephant thought of Your Lotus Feet and surrendered then and there. You 
ferociously, immediately jumped to protect the one that has held Your Feet. 
Realising Your anger to the virOdhis of those who surrender to You, adiyEn 
surrenders at Your Feet, Oh Ranganatha Swami!

4. Sumukan – snake, was chased by Garudan and the snake surrendered to You. 
When, that poisonous snake, when chased by Garudan, surrendered to You, 
saying, “You should save me; You alone are my refuge”.  You saved him by 
handing over to Garudan as His protection for Him to provide shelter to the 
snake.  These yamakinkarar are all cruel and can do anything to me. I am 
scared and surrender to You, realising what You did to that Sumukan, Oh Sri 
Ranganatha Swami!

5. (Above four pAsurams are on Lord’s mercy on hunter, monkey, elephant and 
snake). When the Nithras and the earthly people, come together and pay their 
obeisance to You, PerumAnE! You made that brahmin – vedic scholar (by name 
Govindhaswami of ThiruvEmkatam enjoy Your Lotus Feet and said “Stay on the 
earth some more time and enjoy and then come to Me”.    AdiyEn surrenders at 
Your Feet, Oh Sri Rnga swAmi!

6.  MarkkaNdEyan- the son of Vedic scholar, a sage was sought by Yama for 
taking his (son’s) life away. MaarkaNdEyan suurnedered to You, and You 
accepted him and saved him as his rakshakan. You got angry with Yama. You 
made MaarkaNdEyan always be at Your Feet since then. To make adiyEn also on 
the same token at Your Feet, adiyEn surrenders to Your Feet, Oh Swami who 
has His Yoga nithrA at Sri Rangam!

7.  PerumAnE! Saantheebini- a brahmin taught You (when You were KaNNan), the 
Vedas, the second birth with upanayanam, etc.  He asked for a Guru 
dhankshiNai “My darling son has disappeared and I don’t know where he is. 
Please get him back to me.”  You brought him back from Yama lOkam. Such most 
wonderful Lord, Sri RanganAtha Swami! AdiyEnn surrenders to Your Feet.

8. One great vedic scholar- brahmin, came to You (KaNNan) and said “My 
father! You are my rakshakan.  I surrender to You. My wife and children are 
missing.”. You took pity on him and in front of all those enemies (who 
teased the brahmin for going to You to get back his family), You got them 
back to him. Oh Sri Ranganatha Swami! Most Powerful Lord! adiyEn surrenderss 
to You!

9. The great king- the chief of kings- the strongest emperor- Thondaimaan 
Chakravarrtthi- became Your object of mercy. You taught him the most 
esoteric, the most powerful, the unparalleled Ashtaaksharam, by staying with 
him for seven naazhigai and teaching him seven meanings( of “8”?). Having 
realised that adiyEn surrenders You, the One who measured the whole Universe 
and ruled the same, Oh Sri Ranganatha Swami!

10.  This ten is sung by Thirumangai mannan0 Kaliyan. This ten is on the 
Swami of Srirangam Divya Desam. This SarvEshawaran is unparalleled, 
unbounded greatest Sarvagnan. He has ChakrAyudham; He is My Swami. He adores 
His BhakthAs. Og Bhagawathas! Think of Sri Ranganathan and dance and sing 
this ten. If you sing this ten, all your paapams will run away and not stay 
with you anymore.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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