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Re: Draupadi vastrApaharaNam in Prabandham?

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 14:36:21 PDT

Dear Sri Mani,

I am not qualified to comment in detail on this, as I am a novice. I have 
seen a reference to Vibhishana Saranaagati in Paasurappadi Ramayanam 
compiled by Sri Periyavaachchaan Pillai. It is in the Yudhdha KaNdam section 
and is tansliterated as follows:

kaana yeNGum kuraNGum mucuvum
pataiyaak kodiyOnilaNGkai pukaluRRu
alaiyaar kadaRkarai viiRRirunNthu
selva vibiidaNaRku nNallaanaay
viriNii rilaNGkai yaruLich
saraNpukka kuraikadalai adalampaal maRucueythu,

and then Sri PVP goes on to construct rest of Ramayanam from azhvar's 
paasuram. The above few lines seem to address the SaraNAgati for Vibhishana, 
but each line is from various paasurams. I do not have the details about 
which of the 12 aazhvaar's composed the above lines. You can go to the 
following URL to get the PDF/Adhawin verison of the text by Sri PVP.

and follow the links for Sri Periyavaachchaan Pillai.

I apologise for any mistakes made in the above summary.


Venkatesh Elayavalli

>Learned Members,
>Is there any reference in Alvars' aruLicceyals to
>the Draupadi vastrApaharaNam episode of the Mahabharata?
>Also, do they mention Vibhishana saraNaagati? These
>two episodes are of vital importance in later acharyas'
>works, and I was curious as to what the Alvars' anubhavam
>was in this regard.

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