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From: Balaji Ramanujam (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 13:57:29 PDT


MAHARSHI VYASA is no doubt one of the most repected
sages of all times. He (as we all know, in the
Mahabharath) and his granson Parikshit(in
Bhaagavatham) have given us all the information about
our Lord NarayaNa.

He was probably the most informed man about Vishnu's
greatness. Yet he gave the world the Navagraha stotra!
Wouldnt he have been a true Vaishnava by virtue of his
role in the Mahabharatha. Why did he still go about
appeasing or praying the other devathas? Does that
mean it is still very important though it hasnt been
attested by our later Acharyas since the great Vyasa
gave it to the world? Was it 'missed' like how our
Anjineyar was 'missed' for various reasons...

Someone please me!
Daasanu daasan, 
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